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Decluttering by brand #2 ~ Kylie Cosmetics, AVON and Soap and Glory

Hey everyone,

This time I am going to be decluttering from my collection of the brands Kylie Cosmetics, AVON and Soap and Glory. I am going to get one of these posts out a week till I run out of brands I own. I decluttered my collection in one go so that is why some things may turn up in empties in the future before they do in these.

Kylie Cosmetics: I knew starting out that this was going to be a brand that I didn’t get rid of a lot from. I really love Kylie’s products, from the shade range to the packaging to the wear time. The only product I am decluttering is the Koko collection matte liquid lipstick in ‘Khol$’. This is a really warm medium nude shade that I just can’t pull off, so this will be going to my best friend since it has only been worn once or twice.

Collection  before decluttering

To use up and not repurchase

To declutter

AVON: This was a more complex brand for me to deal with, mainly because I owned such a wide range of products from them. I chose to declutter 8 items, 1 to use up and not repurchase category and keep 9 items.

I put the matte liquid concealer in the to use up section because it was too drying for my under eyes but I finished it this month so it will now be decluttered. It has a beautiful natural matte finish that if I had oily skin I would probably repurchase this, but unfortunately with my dry skin it doesn’t look that good for long. The Magix powder is only in the to use up category because it is just an okay product, I don’t know if it is because it is a HD powder or what but it isn’t my favourite.

I decluttered the prep + set spray because it was too alcohol smelling and left my skin feeling super tight. The shimmer brick is at least 3 and a half years old and discontinued by the brand. I had a duplicate of the concealer and the used one was getting rather old. The colourtrend lipstick in ‘adorable’ has been discontinued and had a formula I wasn’t impressed with. Finally the shine burst gloss sticks in ‘Nude shine’, ‘Dragon fruit pink’ and ‘Raspberry glaze’ were decluttered as the nude and raspberry shades had glitter in them that made them gritty and the pink shade was just unflattering on me.

The products I decided to keep were a glimmerstick in ‘cosmic brown’, a brow glimmerstick in ‘brunette’, two shine burst lip glosses in ‘Rose splash’ and ‘Berry splash’, two shine burst gloss sticks in ‘Rose’ and ‘Vivid cherry’, a lipstick in ‘Romance’ and a cream concealer. All the products are ones that I really enjoy and will continue to use regularly. My favourite Avon product that I own is probably the shine burst gloss stick in ‘Vivid Cherry’ as it is super hydrating and such as stunning colour, I own nothing else like it and its only £3.50!


Soap and Glory: This was probably the easiest brand for me to do, as I am decluttering both of these products.

The palette only included two shades that could be used for the crease and they were both purples which wouldn’t work for the other neutral shades. Most of the shadows were okay quality but some were gritty with fall out and little pigment. Overall I wasn’t impressed, I hung on to this palette till now for three shades out of the ten only.

The mini gloss in the shade ‘Rose and shine’ is half used up and about 2 and a half years old. I am not a fan of the tingly lip glosses either so this was a simple decision for me.

The figures:

After decluttering a total of 10 items in this post (plus 1 empty that will be included in my June empties total), this brings the total number for my empties to 122 and the retail value to £444.90.

That is it for this second decluttering by brand post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please follow me here on my blog and on Instagram, that is also ‘teenbeautylife’. June empties and declutter by brand #3 should be up around the end of next week.

Until the next time,

Lauren x


June empties part 1 (8)

Hey guys,

I have lots of exciting empties this month as I have been trying out lots of new things and receiving lots of samples during my beauty hauls. I split this post into two parts because I know that these posts are usually really long and that puts some people off. This month I finished 15 products, so stay tuned for part 2 to see the other 7 items.


  1. YSL Black Opium eau de parfum sample (FREE) – I really love this scent as the perfume includes pink pepper, vanilla, jasmine and more. It has a very sexy and sweet scent to it which I love. I have one more sample of this luckily, once that and a few other perfumes have been used up I am going to have to purchase the full size. The 30ml retails for £47.00, the 50ml is £66.00 and the 90ml is £87.00.
  2. AVON super extend liquid eye liner in black (£3.50) – This eyeliner allows for quick and easy application and stays in place all day long. As soon as it started to dry out I repurchased it as I cannot be without it.
  3. Wilkinson sword Quattro for women sparkle disposables (£5.79) – I use these razors when my Venus one foams up too much because once the Venus one does this it stops being able to remove hairs. I also like these razors for under my arms as I feel it gives a closer shave. Safe to say I already have another pack.
  4. No 7 quick thinking wipes (42p) – This is the final pack that I managed to obtain with my discount. That didn’t stop me though; with a No 7 voucher I repurchased these wipes for £2 rather than £7. These wipes just do such a good job of removing even waterproof makeup. No complaints.


The middle ground:

  1. PS… love this 100 cotton pads (90p) – Not the most exciting empty but it does a good job and is very cheap.
  2. Soap and Glory One heck of a blot primer (£10.00) – I feel that this primer would have benefited someone with oily skin more than myself who has dry skin. I purchased this for the “pore-shrink technology” rather than the “shine-bloc” aspect. It didn’t do as good of a job as my two favourite primers in relation to my pores, so I will not be repurchasing.
  3. AVON makeup setting spray (£3.00) – I liked that the mist was very fine but I don’t think it actually extended the wear of my makeup. I purchased the newer variation of this product, which is the AVON Magix prime and set spray. I prefer the newer formula but I don’t like the spritzer on it.



  1. AVON nutraeffects hydration gel cream (£2.00) – Although this is supposed to be a hydration night cream I feel this product would be better suited to those with oily skin. I understand that this is a gel cream and it says light on the container but it really isn’t suited to those with dry skin as there is little to the hydration side of it.


Part 1 of this month’s empties brings the total items to 69 and a total of £320.43. Part 2 will be up very soon!

How to project pan

Some of the most liked photos on my Instagram are those including my project pan items and empties. So today I will be teaching you my tips for a successful project pan.

Project panning is a way to use up selected makeup items and declutter your makeup collection. Giving you a more space to try new items and helping you realise which products you like the most. It also encourages you to use more of your makeup items up completely.

First Stage: Throw out or giveaway

Now this isn’t actually a stage of project panning but it will help you clear out unnecessary items in your makeup collection. Go through your makeup collection and pick out all the products that are completely the wrong shade for you, items you never use because you really dislike them and the products that are incredibly old and out of date. Then, either throw them away or give them to a friend or family member.

Second Stage: Choose your project pan items

Now these items will preferably be products that you won’t repurchase, items that are on the older side or products that you have more than one of. This way, when the items are used up, it will provide you with more space and leave you with products that you all love.

To help keep you motivated, write a list of these products and tick them off when they are used up or join Instagram and post your progress. I have been so surprised at how much project panners motivate and support each other.

Third Stage- Reward yourself

This stage is also optional. Decide on a reward such as a new lipstick or an eye shadow palette you have really been wanting, which you can go out and buy once you have used up your project pan items. This will more likely keep you on track and motivate you to use the items up due to their being a reward at the end.

For example, when I have finished my #100daysofempties and at least one more of my project pan items (I have completed 5/10 so far), then I will make my first ever Sephora online order.

Proof it works:

Below are the latest pictures of my project pan progress:

image (11) - Copy

image - Copy (8)



Friday night chill outs: Your nails and you

Top: Avon advanced mira-cuticle, Second layer on left: Sally Hansen insta dry top coat, Second layer on right: 24k gold strength and bottom: under nail whitening pencil

Top: Avon advanced mira-cuticle, Second layer on left: Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat, Second layer on right: 24k gold strength and bottom: under nail whitening pencil

Welcome to the first Friday night chill out post. In this post I will tell you the tips and tricks I know to care for your nails.

Firstly, before you gently push back your cuticles, use a cuticle oil/cream to help soften them. I use the Avon advanced mira-cuticle but it is discontinued now. However, Avon does do a cuticle conditioner in a nail varnish container and it is £3 in the Campaign 16 brochure (in the UK. I have no knowledge of outside the UK brochures). Obviously, most other brands do a cuticle conditioner so choose one to your preference and price range.

Next, if you are going for a non-varnished look, a under nail whitening pencil might be the product for you. You place it under the white of your nail and fill it in. This makes your nail look whiter and healthier without the need for varnish. Again, I use the Avon nail perfect under nail whitening pencil but this is also discontinued. However, Sally Hansen, Essie, Rimmel London and more do this product.

The picture on the second layer right is the 24K gold strength by Avon. This not only strengthens your nails but adds a shimmer. Now this can be worn alone or, as I like to do, use it as a base coat to protect your nails from discoloration from your nail varnish. I really like this product because it has the two functions, that I mentioned above, in one bottle. This is avaliable in Campaign 16 at £2.50 in the UK.

Left hand side: Soap and Glory Hand Food, Top right hand side: Barry M nail paint in Atlantic Road and Bottom right hand side: Avon nail experts conditioning nail enamel remover.

Left hand side: Soap and Glory Hand Food, Top right hand side: Barry M nail paint in Atlantic Road and Bottom right hand side: Avon nail experts conditioning nail enamel remover.

Then, apply your nail varnish of choice over your base coat. I love the Barry M nail varnishes as there is a huge shade range and they last a long time on the nail. The nail varnish in the picture above is the Barry M nail paint in Atlantic Road. It helps to apply two coats of nail varnish because this gives you a more opaque colour and with some varnishes if you only apply one coat it can be left streaky. Also, I have found that trying to keep nail varnish on your nails longer keep you from biting them and therefore have aided them growing longer.

You should always apply a top coat to preserve your nail varnish for as long as possible and bring out the best colour and sheen to it. The Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat (the red bottle from the previous set of pictures) ,cannot be raved about enough. It drys quickly and protects my nail varnish giving it a great finish.

When it is finally time to take off your nail varnish use a conditioning nail varnish remover. This means that your nails aren’t harmed by the chemicals in the varnish remover. Again I use another Avon product for this job. The bottom right in the second set of pictures is the Avon nail experts conditioning nail enamel remover. This doesn’t contain acetone which is great because acetone is harmful if inhaled and will dissolve plastic cups it is so strong.

Finally, it seems unrelated as I named this post your nails and you, it is important to care for your hands as well. To do so you need to keep your hands moisturized. I use the Hand food by Soap and Glory. This has a very creamy consistency and leaves your hands smelling good and feeling great.

Hope this post has helped in your pursuit of better nails. I will be posting every Friday night either on here or my Instagram account full reviews and posts. Although, I do tend to post on my Instagram account more. The account name is teenbeautylife and if you like what you read please follow this blog and my Instagram.

Until the next time x