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Decluttering my lipstick samples – Would I purchase the full size?

Hi everyone!

When the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks first launched I got a tonne of free samples to try out. The range has 120 shades in 6 finishes, and I only own the full size of one (the shade ‘714’). These are priced at £15.50 each and are cruelty free.

I want to disclose that unless I say otherwise in the mini reviews, I love the formula of these. The main distinction as to why I won’t purchase the full size of some of these is that some colours just don’t work on certain skin tones. However, I wanted to include swatches of all of them because you might just find your perfect shade.

Swatches and individual reviews:

This shade is called ‘Stark Naked’ and it is a warm nude in a comfort matte formula. I wouldn’t purchase the full size of this one because I don’t suit warm toned nudes at all as I am so pale. If you have more of a medium skin tone, this will definitely look good on you.

This shade is called ‘Rapture’ and it is a mauve pink in a cream formula. This is such a beautiful, classic cult shade. I will definitely purchase the full size of this. The cream formulas just glide on and the pigmentation is gorgeous.


This shade is called ‘Backtalk’ and it is in a comfort matte formula. This shade is similar to Rapture except it is a matte rather than a cream finish and is more of a cool toned purple with less pink in it. However, it is still really wearable and I will be picking up the full size. It seems like it is going to be perfect for the Autumn months.


I will be purchasing the full size of either this or Conspiracy (which is the darker version). This metallized medium brown is a unique lipstick that doesn’t feel gritty. Definitely a recommended shade.

This is ‘Manic’, this one is a cream formula and is more of a slightly reddish brown shade. I adore this, I think that this is so wearable and yet it adds a little something to your look. Will definitely be picking up this shade soon.


This is a bold deep red shade, in a cream formula, called ‘Rock Steady’. Definitely a shade I want to pick up. What’s your favourite type of red to wear?


This is a cream formula in ‘Gash’ and it is a pink based red (it is a bit darker than in the photo). Whilst the name of the shade may be off putting, the colour certainly isn’t. I don’t know whether I will purchase this or not, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear red. There are so many available in vice lipstick range that you are guaranteed to find your perfect red.


This is a cream formula named ‘Jilted’, it is a medium pink with a purple edge to it. For me this is a quite bold shade but I enjoyed trying it out. I may pick this up in the future if I want to purchase something a little outside my comfort zone.


This cream lipstick in the shade ‘Firebird’ is a hot pink with a purple reflect to it. I work in an office five days a week and bright pinks don’t really suit me, so I will not be picking this up.


This hot pink with a sheer formula is ‘Sheer Anarchy’. I love the sheer formula, it gives such a beautiful finish to the lips and it looks stunning during the summer. I just won’t be purchasing this because personally again I just won’t wear bright pink colours. If that is a colour that you really enjoy I would try this out, as I imagine that this would look stunning on holiday.

This comfort matte lipstick in ‘Pyscho’ is a beautiful hot pink shade. As with the other pinks, this one just isn’t for me.


This is the other metallized lipstick mentioned earlier. It has the same formula and reflect as Amulet except this is a deeper bronze. Personally I don’t think you need both in your collection, so save your money and choose one as they are extremely similar.

The final one is ‘Blackmail’. This is a comfort matte formula and this is the only one that I don’t like the formula on. It was a little patchy to apply, I don’t know whether that was because I had to apply it with a lip brush. However, even when I rubbed my lips together to blend the product it didn’t sit right. I would never wear this sort of black with a purple tint as it would make me look dead, so obviously its a no from me on purchasing it.

That is it, my full review on the lip samples that I had from the Urban Decay Vice lipstick collection. Overall, I love the vice lipstick range from Urban Decay. There are so many colours and finishes that your perfect shade is guaranteed to be discovered. What’s your favourite shade from the collection?

As I have decluttered all of these samples now these will add to the total number of empties for 2017. Making the total 112 items and £396.67! (no money added as these were free samples).

Until the next time,

Lauren x


Coty Airspun loose face powder

This is a product that was 100% a YouTube made me buy it purchase. More specifically a Tati made me buy it product. Every other video she makes she raves about this product, its even in her top 5 favourite powders video. Naturally, after all the hype I heard about this product I had to have it.


Where did I buy it?

Of course in the UK you cannot buy the brand Coty, so I purchased mine on Amazon UK. I paid £14.95 including shipping and it arrived really quickly, I was very impressed. You get 65g of product for the price which is such good value for money. I have the shade translucent but there are others that have colour to them. Apparently there is also an unscented version as well if you are sensitive to fragrance.

The Positives:

  • The powder is finely milled, which results in it leaving a beautiful finish to the skin
  • A little goes a long way with this powder
  • The price point- its even cheaper in the US and can be found at Walmart
  • Lots of shades available
  • Sets make-up all day, controls my T-zone oil well.

The Negatives:

  • The plastic holes in the packaging to allow product through are temperamental. I don’t know whether it is just my one or not but sometimes I get no product come through, and I have to remove it. The rest of the time I open it and its a hot mess with powder every where.
  • THE SCENT! This powder is highly perfumed. It smells very grandma and I am not a fan of it at all. There is an unscented version of it and if anyone knows how it purchase in the UK please let me know.

Random Fact:

This product has been around since 1935! With the hype still going strong, it is obvious that this product is loved by many.

What is your favourite powder?


Avon Nutraeffects radiance tinted moisturiser

IMG_2650 (7)

Hi everyone! Today will be a short review on the tinted moisturiser pictured above. Nutraeffects is a new line of skincare by AVON cosmetics, that has different types of products dependant on your skins requirements. They have radiance, balance, hydration and ageless. This radiance tinted moisturiser retails for £4.00 in the brochure. This is a very affordable line of skincare, so I was eager to try it out.


The packaging is fairly simple and provides you with all the necessary information about the product. It is a tube which you open the cap and squeeze the product out of. I have found that it doesn’t give you too much product at once, so you can easily regulate how much product you get.


As you can see in the photo on the left, this is what the product looks like when dispensed from the tube. Therefore, I believed that by tinted moisturiser it meant a moisturiser that gave you a glow. NO. The photo on the right shows what it blends out like. As you can see it is orange and patchy. As the brand only provides one shade for all I am really disappointed. It is not uncommon for brands to only make tinted moisturisers and BB creams that suit darker skin tones. However, I have no clue whose skin tone would make this product work.

I’m really sad about this product because it is actually really moisturising and feels nice on the skin. I just have no way to make this product work for me.


Overall I just don’t see how this product can benefit anyone and would appreciate it if AVON dealt with the issues with this product, because even if this suited someone’s skin tone no one wants a product to leave streaks on their face.


February empties (7)


Sorry this post is a little late but I have had so many assignments to do recently. I am hoping to be publishing at least two more blog posts within the next few days. During February I finished 7 items. Not a bad score but I wish I had made more progress on my project pan items.

Avon natural vanilla & sandalwood shower gel 200ml- The Avon naturals shower gels are affordable at £1.35, but they are usually on sale a lot so they can be cheaper. I did like this shower gel but I just prefer the apple blossom scent instead, as this one smelt too sweet.

Superdrug cotton wool round 100 pads- This came in a pack a three of these, so I got 300 cotton pads for £3! I do like these for putting micellar water on to remove my make up. However, these aren’t as high a quality as the Boots brand ones as they fall apart more easily.

Collection lasting perfection concealer in Fair- This is such a popular concealer on YouTube and it is understandable why. It provide high coverage and lasts a long time. I use this to only cover blemishes as I find it creases underneath my eyes. However, at only £4.19 it is an amazing concealer that I always repurchase.

REN invisible pore detox mask sample- I got this sample with a purchase from Space.NK. I really like this mask when my skin feels like my pores are clogged up or I’m a little oily, as it removes all the excess oil. This product is aimed towards those who have combination to oily skin. So if you have dry skin like me I found it to be most effective when I applied it only to my problem areas. At £19.00 for a 50ml bottle it isn’t the cheapest product out there, so I suggest you try a sample first.

Yesto carrots gentle cleansing wipes (10)- I bought these travel wipes from Boots to take away with me to London for my valentines day weekend, as I didn’t want to take a huge pack. I found these to be a really great size for travelling as they are small enough to put in your handbag or luggage. These wipes removed all of my make up and I prefer these to the cucumber ones because they didn’t irritate my eyes.

Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser 100ml- Everybody and their mum has heard about this product by now so there isn’t much point in me doing a full review. In short, it is an amazing product. You can use it as a cleanser morning and night with a muslin cloth that exfoliates your skin. It can also be used to remove your make up and is gentle on the eye area. It smells just like a natural spa product so it feels really luxurious. I would recommend this to anyone and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Benefit Instant comeback facial serum sample- This serum is clear in colour, has a gel consistency and is very lightweight. It claims to be an age-defying booster serum for the face, as I am a teenager I cannot vouch for the age-defying aspect of this product. However, it is great for dry skin as it creates another moisture layer before my make up. At £36.00 it certainly is not a cheap product but the packaging for the full size is really pretty and if you love Benefit cosmetics I recommend you check it out.

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Seventeen Wow! skin 3 way Highlighter vs L’oreal Lumi Magique primer

I’m finally back after so long. Hopefully, I should be posting more often from now on. I have been using both these products for a long time now; so I thought this post was long overdue.

Firstly, the Seventeen 3 way Highlighter. The bottle says that this product can be used “to prime, add to your foundation or apply onto cheek bones to lift, lighten and wake up your skin with a luminous glow”. This highlighter is a cream colour with shimmer.


The Lumi Magique pure light primer. The bottle says it can be used “alone or under foundation to enhance radiance, or dab onto cheeks and brow bones as a highlighter”. This primer is white that gives a glow without the shimmer.

Seventeen highlighter on the left and L'Oreal lumi primer on the right.

Seventeen highlighter on the left and L’Oreal lumi primer on the right.


Both products claim to be able to be used in the same three ways. The Seventeen product comes in a 30ml container, where as the L’Oreal product is only 20ml. Both bottles are plastic and have a pump. The Seventeen highlighter is £5.99 at Boots and the L’Oreal primer is £9.99 at Boots and £9.99 at Superdrug. So you get less of the L’Oreal product and it is £4 more expensive. On application, I prefer the L’Oreal Lumi primer as a base for my foundation and the Seventeen as a natural looking highlight for my cheek bones. The Seventeen highlighter is better for light to medium skin tones due the shimmer and base colour.

Which one do you prefer?

Until the next time teen beauts x

Beauty Haul/ First impressions

I went a bit mad yesterday when I went to Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams. So I thought this was a good time to do a beauty haul post to give you my first impressions on each product. By the end of this post you will all realise why I am going on a ban from buying any lipsticks this September.

Blanx white shock toothpaste

Blanx white shock toothpaste

I get staining on my teeth easily and if you share this same problem then you probably search the shelves for the best whitening products around as I do. I have used this product only a few times now and already I see a difference. This toothpaste naturally whitens, still works as a normal toothpaste which protects your teeth and removes bacteria and doesn’t contain peroxide. If this product continues to improve and maintain my teeth then I will surely repurchase.

Wonder'full mascara by Rimmel London

Wonder’full mascara by Rimmel London

This mascara has been constantly advertised and raved about due to it containing Argan oil. This aims to be kinder to your lashes and have conditioning qualities. This mascara lengthens and separates lashes well. I will only be to tell if I really like this mascara by using it more. What did you think of it?

Revlon lip butter in Juicy Papaya

Revlon lip butter in Juicy Papaya

I already own one of these, which you will know if you have read the post previous to this. I have been loving wearing an orange lip lately so of course I had to have this. This product gives the colour of a lipstick and the mosturises like a lip balm.

Maybelline colorsensational lip liner in 132 sweet pink

Maybelline colorsensational lip liner in 132 sweet pink

Many of the lip products I own are a nude or a pink, this liner is suitable for both. These liners last a long time so I think I will be using this a lot in the next few months.

Rimmel London Glam'eyes liquid liner

Rimmel London Glam’eyes liquid liner

This is a repurchase due to my last one drying out. This is a liner that glides on and the applicator is precise. I cannot fault this so until I can find a better one this will be repurchased over and over again.

Revlon super lustrous lipstick 025 skyline pink and 001 nude attitude

Revlon super lustrous lipstick 025 skyline pink and 001 nude attitude

As you are probably beginning to notice I love Revlon lip products. Sky line pink is the incredibly pale swatch in the bottom right photo. Nude attitude is my first matte lipstick. These lipsticks colour lasts ages. Again these are £7.99.

Mayvelline ColorElixir 720 Nude Illusion

Maybelline ColorElixir 720 Nude Illusion

This is a brand new product so therefore I had to try it out. This gloss looks great over the Revlon lipstick in nude attitude. The applicator for this gloss allows for even application over the lips. Needless to say I will properly get this in more colours.

Mac Studio fix fluid foundation in NW10

Mac Studio fix fluid foundation in NW10

My final three products are high end ones from Debenhams. For years I have been trying to find my perfect shade with little success. Until I got matched at the Mac counter the other day. This foundation is great in every way apart from one. It doesn’t have a pump which makes application harder and means you are more likely to waste product.

YSL Rouge Voulpte lipsticks in Lingerie pink and Peach passion

YSL Rouge Voulpte lipsticks in Lingerie pink and Peach passion

These are the best lipsticks of all time and I will stand by that. I was only going to purchase one but Debenhams have an offer on at the moment. Which means if you spend £50 or more on beauty and fragrance you get £10 back in points on your Debenhams beauty card at the end of September. So naturally I saw the opportunity to get more than one. These lipsticks are opaque and therefore you only need to apply one layer. The formula makes them mosturising and they smell fruity as well.

Safe to say that I need to have a spending ban on lipsticks for the rest of the month.

Until the next time

My Mac Pro palette!




Whilst I am a self proclaimed makeup addict, I don’t believe that you should spend a fortune when there are plenty of drugstore dupes available.
However, the fact that you could have a palette specifically tailored to your taste captured my attention. For once I wouldn’t have that one eye shadow left in a palette in the corner of my collection.
The first colour, the light pink, is called sweet lust. It is a great colour for all over the lid as a simple natural look. There is a little shimmer in the colour so you can use it in a more dramatic eye look as well.
The second bolder pink is called Pink Venus. This also has shimmer included which means it is perfect to pair with sweet lust in a eye look.
Honey lust is the bronzed coppery toned lighter brown. It is a warmer toned brown that is perfect for late summer and autumn.
Finally, the deep matte brown is the constantly raved about Satin Taupe. I use this all the time for my outer corner and crease. This colour completes nearly every look.
All these colours are really pigmented and last all day. I told myself that I wouldn’t need anymore than 4 eyeshadows and would replace them with different shades when I hit pan.
Clearly now I am going to have to buy the 15 palette.
You can buy the eyeshadow inserts online at the mac store here for .com and here for .co.uk
Debenhams is where I buy all my mac products. So here is the link for the Debenhams site.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I am now taking requests for posts you want me to make. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.
Thanks again teen beauts x