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2018: January empties

Hey everyone,

This is my first empties post for 2018! I am really looking forward to seeing how many products I can use up this year. If you want to find out how many products I used up in 2017 and how much that was all worth, please check my November and December empties post (the previous post to this one).

I will be posting my resolutions for 2018, which will mention product empties, very soon (bit late I know but stay tuned). With that all said, lets get into the empties for this month…

  1. Botantics All bright with hibiscus cleansing facial wipes (£3.49): I use these to remove my makeup and even just freshen up my face sometimes. These are gentle on the skin and remove makeup well (not as well as the No7 ones though). I have repurchased these as I do like them I just have others that I prefer that are harder to obtain than these.
  2. Bioderma makeup removing micelle solution 250ml (£10.80): This removes makeup so well, its super gentle and doesn’t leave a film on the skin. I will repurchase again and again, highly recommend this.

3. Benefit triple performing facial emulsion (£27.00): Benefits skincare is something that I don’t think is talked about enough in the beauty community. This hydrates the skin, is lightweight, oil-free and has SPF 15. The bottle feels heavy and looks cute on your vanity. However, I will not be repurchasing… Before anyone says anything let me explain why. I got this product when my skin was more combination, now it is super dry. Therefore, I think this product is good for those with combination, normal or slightly dry skin types but it no longer is enough for me.

4. Charles Worthington everyday gentle micellar shampoo 250ml (£5.99): I love this shampoo. It cleanses the hair without stripping it. I can always count on this giving me the results that I want. For reference, I typically like to use a cleansing shampoo and then a hydrating conditioner to restore my hair since I use a lot of heat on it.

5. MAC pro longwear paint pot in ‘soft ochre’ (£16.00): I picked this up years ago and the formula is too dry on my eyelids now. If you have a medium/dark skin tone this shade would probably work well for you but it is just too yellow for me. Therefore, this will be going in the back to MAC pile.

6. Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in ‘fair neutral’ (£19.50): For an everyday basis I still prefer this to the Tarte Shape tape concealer. Everything from the applicator to the shade is just slightly better suited to me. I love both of these concealers though so I have to pick up another one ASAP. (Note: The reason I mentioned shape tape in this mini review is that most bloggers have reviewed them side by side and have a favourite, so I wanted my opinion on this to be made as well.)

7. MAC lipstick in ‘pure zen’ (£16.50): Mangled doesn’t begin to describe this lipstick (it is barely hanging on in the tube). Yes, I do know you can melt them down and use various ways to fix them. However, this lipstick is expired and I don’t like the shade enough to repurchase. Resulting in it joining the paint pot in the back to MAC pile.

8. Tarte cosmetics lights, camera, lashes mini sample (FREE): This makes your lashes look really good in terms of length and volume but I will not be purchasing the full size. It costs £21.00 and if your eyes water even the slightest it makes them burn so badly. I have never had that issue with a mascara before and if you have watery eyes I recommend you stay far away from this one. It is a shame, as everything else about the mascara I enjoyed.

9. Tarte cosmetics maracuja c-brightener eye treatment sample (FREE): This has an incredibly rich formula that really hydrates the under eye area. It does take a while to absorb because of this factor, so it will be dependant on your skin type and preferences as to whether you use this just in the evening or morning and night. Once I have finished my Benefit eye cream I will be purchasing the full size of this one, since it is more hydrating and that is what I look for in these products.

10. L’oreal Paradise extatic mascara (£11.99): This is mascara that made bloggers and YouTubers go crazy in 2017 (it’s marketed as the lash paradise mascara in the USA). I will have to pick up another one as it makes your lashes super long and voluminous, although I do have to say this one dried out super fast in comparison to other mascaras I have used so be aware of that. Everyone compares this to the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, and as someone who has tried that one (a mini in waterproof formula) I would say 100% save your money and get this one instead.


That is it for my first empties post of the year. The first totals are 10 items at £111.27!

Until the next time,

Lauren x


Empties: November and December

Hi everyone,

This is the final post on my blog relating to 2017, that year really flew by (don’t worry not going to give the same speech everyone else does).

Differently from an earlier post I have decided, 2018 will have empties posts but not Project Pan posts. This year’s project pans demonstrated that that approach just doesn’t work for me. However, I have found counting empties extremely motivating.

Biore charcoal pore strips (£6.29): These are the only pore strips that I use and the only ones I will recommend.

Patchology Flashmasque illuminate 5 minute facial sheets (£6.00): I am honestly really torn with this one. It was good but it didn’t wow me so I think for now I won’t be purchasing the big box.

Sephora rose face mask (£4.81): This one is the better out of the two hydrating sheet masks Sephora does. It leaves the skin soft and I would say for the price I would purchase it again.

L’Oreal fine flowers normal to combination skin cleansing wipes (£1.95): These ones are better than the ones for dry skin which I wasn’t expecting. The scent is still floral and quite strong so I wouldn’t recommend for those with sensitive skin. Overall, these are okay but they aren’t my first choice.

Garnier moisture bomb (£7.99): This moisturiser is okay but it isn’t supposed to be used near the eye area, and that suggests it’s not good for sensitive skin. I will not repurchase this as it isn’t hydrating enough for my skin type.

Superdrug 50 cotton wool oval pads (£1.99) and PS…Love this 100 oval cosmetic pads (90p): I purchased and used up the Superdrug ones when I couldn’t get my hands on the PS ones. Those of you that regularly read my empties posts will know that I only use cotton pads other than the PS ones when I can’t get my hands on them. Really cheap and more for your money, what more could you want.

Glossier milky jelly cleanser sample (FREE): This is a super gentle cleanser that I think is good for those that only want to cleanse their skin and use targeted products afterwards for their other needs. I have got the full size now and haven’t tried it enough to have a solid opinion but I do stand by my statement above.

The Body Shop Spiced Apple shower gel 250ml (£2.50): This has a great scent for around the Christmas season and I have a 50 ml bottle still in my collection. I am interested in trying out other scents from the Body Shop, as I enjoy the fact the formula is slightly on the thicker side. Giving it a more expensive feel.

The final totals for 2017 are 294 items at a retail value of £1669.08! I am very proud of those figures. For 2016 I achieved 172 items at £691.19, which is astronomically different to this year. I don’t think the 2018 figures will be more than 2017 but I can hope they will be similar.

Until the next time,

Lauren x

Decluttering by brand #3:

Hey everyone,

The day has finally come. This is the last declutter post for 2017. It has been a long time coming but I finally completed this post. I am sorry about the wait but it took quite a while to find all the pictures for the remaining items. In terms of my November and December empties this will be up in the next couple of days as the last post related to 2017.

Colourpop ultra matte lip mini in ‘clueless’ and ‘tulle’ (Both FREE): These were both expired and I will not purchase the full size of either as ‘clueless’ was too pink for me and ‘tulle’ was an unflattering brown shade on my skin tone.

Colourpop ultra matte lip mini in ‘honey pie’ (FREE): I will never have an opportunity to wear this bright red. This was part of a minis set for Valentines day 2017 and I can see a lot of people enjoying this, it is just whether you wear this sort of shade or not.

Colourpop ultra satin lip in ‘Baracuda’ (£4.57): As with most decluttered items this just didn’t work for me. The shade itself just makes me look super ghostly.

Colourpop x Hello Kitty lippie stix in ‘konichiwa’ (£3.89): Too pink. That is my only issue with this product. As Colourpop is only online for those of us in the UK you have to go with swatches and other sources to decide on which colours to buy. Unfortunately this one just didn’t work out for me.

Makeup Revolution liquid lipstick in ‘we rule’ (£4.00): This is a very similar shade to the Kylie Cosmetics metal liquid lipstick in ‘heir’ except I prefer that shade and formula. As I don’t get to wear metallics often, I kept the Kylie one and decluttered the Makeup Revolution one.

Gerard Cosmetics supreme lip creme in ‘wild berry tart’ (£12.00): I like the shade but the smell is too strong and its a bit too sticky for me. Although, wild berry tart is a good shade name for this because the scent itself smells like very sweet berries. Again I feel it is entirely down to preferences with lip products as to whether you will like this or not.

Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in ‘dainty’ (£16.00): The bright peach shade and the fact it looks super streaky on the lips are the reasons that this one had to go. I love the Anastasia gloss formula but this shade was a dud for me.

Sleek highlighting palette in ‘Cleopatra’s kiss’ (£9.99): The two powder highlighters in this palette are far too glittery for my taste and the only one of the creams I could wear was the light yellow shade. As I prefer by far the Sleek Solstice highlighter palette, I will be passing this one on.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint (£25.50): When I first got this I was obsessed, this is such a well known product in the beauty community as it is. This can be used on your cheeks and lips, creating a natural flushed effect. I passed this on as I just found myself not reaching for it anymore. I think if you are really into natural makeup and liquid cheek products you should get a sample to try though, as it is a good product.

Maybelline ColorElixir in ‘720 Nude Illusion’ (£6.99): This has expired so it has been thrown out. This was a nice slightly on the warmer side shade of nude gloss, but I wouldn’t repurchase as I have so many others I prefer.

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in ‘Vintage Rose’ (£11.00): This particular shade had a very dry formula which when applied drags across your lips. As well as this unpleasant factor the shade didn’t suit me, so I found no reason to keep this in my collection.

Too Faced Glimmer dust in ‘Glitterally’ (FREE): I just don’t use loose glitters. Too much mess, especially since this doesn’t even have a sifter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in dark brown (£15.00): In case you couldn’t tell, this has completely dried out. It is too dark for my brows now anyway, so when I repurchase I think I will choose the shade medium brown instead.

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 611 yogurt (£5.50): I think by now most of you will realise from the theme of products I have been decluttering, that I just don’t use eye crayons.

NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner in vivid violet (£5.50): I like this for regular liner but it does flake off if you use it for a wing. With this limitation and the fact that I have limited opportunities to wear purple liner, I decided to declutter this.

NYX Intense butter gloss in cookie butter (£6.00): I really like the formula of the intense butter glosses but this was such a strange shade. Cookie butter is a light nude with a weird tone to it (I want to say almost yellowish). I just don’t think it looks good at all.

NYX colour correcting powder in banana (£9.00): Far too dark for my skin tone, making it impossible for me to use.

NYX single shadow in happy hour (£4.50): I have so many of this kind of shade in palettes that I just don’t go searching through my collection for this shade in single shadow form.

NYX Tame and Frame tinted brow pomade in brunette (£6.00): This had dried out completely but I have since repurchased it. (For those of you wondering I have picked up Inglot duraline since throwing out my two dried up brow pomades so this doesn’t happen again.)


KIKO wet and dry eyeshadow in 204 (£7.10): I could only get this shade to suit me on the outer corner and it was difficult to get it to blend smoothly when applied there. I love the shade 200 but this one I just couldn’t get to work for me. It would probably work well as an all over lid shade for a purple smokey eye but I don’t get a chance to wear that sort of look often, so I passed this on.

KIKO 3D hydra lip gloss in 22 (£7.90): I have so many lip products and I tend to wear more matte formulas anyway. Overall I just have so many other formulas of lip gloss that I prefer over this one, and this is difficult to store as well as it is in such bulky packaging.

KIKO infinity eyeshadow in 215 (£1.00): I get that this is cheap but the packaging makes this so difficult to use. It is a brown shade with golden subtle sparkle, which I found sometimes showed up and others you wouldn’t think it was anything other than a matte brown.

KIKO make your own palette (£5.00) and KIKO single shadow in 59 (£2.50): I don’t think I am going to purchase more of the KIKO eyeshadows so I passed on the palette with the single shadow in it. The navy shade is nice but I just don’t use it as I rarely ever have the opportunity to wear colourful makeup and when I do I normally reach for purples or warm toned more bold shades.

Annoyingly I have searched extensively and cannot locate the remaining pictures for the following products. Therefore these will just have to be listed.

  • Colourpop lippie stix in Goldie, hotline, upside down and ziggie (£3.89 each): These were shades, well three of them, were the sort that my best friend would love so I already passed those onto her. The shade upside down is a light peach that I got in a kit and it just doesn’t suit me or anyone I know so it unfortunately had to be trashed.
  • NARS blush in miss liberty (£23.00): This product is labelled as a blush but it is actually a highlighter. The reason I decluttered this is because it is quite old and I don’t use highlighters that are super glittery, which this one is pure glitter. I did enjoy using this as an eyeshadow but with the amount of products I own I couldn’t justify not giving it to someone else to try out instead.
  • L’Oreal Color Riche lipstick in 214 violet saturne (£6.99): It was just an okay product. I didn’t like the scent of the lipstick and the colour was just something I would only wear occasionally. Therefore with my large collection of lip products, I didn’t need to keep this one.
  • Coty Airspun loose face powder in translucent (£14.99): OLD LADY PERFUME. Easiest way to describe the scent of this. It is so overwhelming that your face smells of it all day. I really do like the powder itself but you can’t get the unscented version in the UK. The packaging also broke on mine which made it very messy. I believe that this is a good product and I see why so many others love it, but I can’t ignore my nose anymore.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel (£16.50): This one was almost dried out so I tossed it. I love this brow gel and have minis of it that I kept.
  • Colourpop mini ultra matte lip in ‘more better’ (£2.34): I passed this on as it is too bold for me to wear other than once a year or so.

That is it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed the decluttering posts this year. As mentioned previously anything that hasn’t expired will be passed onto others unless it can’t be for hygiene reasons.

This brings the totals to 284 items and a retail value of £1636.65!

Until the next time,

Lauren x


September empties (15 items) !Updated!

Hey everyone,

I have been lagging behind with posts due to a law exam, which thankfully I passed, however I am now faced with a new dilemma. I just did another massive declutter of my makeup collection, including some of the items from my project pan that clearly expired, even though I have yet to get through even half of my previous declutter here on my blog. Not sure how to tackle this, so let me know if you have any ideas.


MAC Fix + (£18.00): Fix + is a staple in many beauty addicts collections and I can’t disagree with the pros expressed by so many in the beauty community. It’s such a classic product and I am sad that I ran out of it. I have tried alternatives to intensify the pigment of certain shadows but nothing works quite like this. I will definitely be picking up another bottle soon.

Benefit cosmetics Roller Lash mascara (£20.50): This is a favourite mascara of mine and I am so sad that I have to go and repurchase this one. It is strange that I really didn’t like this product in the beginning but now I can’t imagine my collection without it.

AVON nature Apple Blossom shower gel (99p): This is the last bottle of this shower gel that I had and it has been discontinued, therefore I cannot repurchase it.

No7 Quick Thinking Wipes (£2.00): These are my favourite makeup wipes and any time I have a money off voucher I always repurchase these. They are gentle on the skin, remove all traces of makeup and I highly recommend them.

Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml (£10.00): I got this originally to help with my eczema but it did nothing and I just ended up using it to cool down during the summer. Therefore, I see no point in purchasing this expensive water again.

Sephora Lotus face mask (£4.81): I picked this up during my trip to Rome, I picked up two other types to try out as well, and I did enjoy this one. However, I found the green tea version to be more effective at achieving what it said on the packet. Even though I have dry skin I did prefer the green tea one (for mattifying), I just expected for my skin to feel more hydrated than it did after using this one. Therefore, I wouldn’t pick this up again.

Rimmel London Volume Colourist mascara (FREE): This was a good mascara and I do feel that it did tint my lashes a little. However, it was a little too scratchy against my upper lash line to justify repurchasing it. It may seem very picky but there are other mascaras I like that don’t have an uncomfortable application.

Nivea Invisible for black & white antiperspirant (£1.29): I only got this to take with me travelling but I didn’t take it with me in the end because it really didn’t work for me. Deodorants are such a personal preference and I won’t be repurchasing this one.

L.A Girl Pro conceal in porcelain (£4.00): The concealer itself I really enjoy for the under eye area, as the shade gives a very natural look yet it covers all that I want. However the packaging is really annoying, especially when you are getting a bit low. It just becomes really difficult to dispense the product and the brush tip applicator becomes gross after a while. However, I enjoy the concealer and the price enough that I have already purchased another one.

Benefit cosmetics Boi ing brightening concealer no.1 sample (FREE): This shade works really well as an under eye corrector for me. I will definitely be picking up the full size of this as it requires me to use much less concealer afterwards.

AVON Advance Techniques Absolute Perfection conditioner (£3.99): This was just an okay product for me. I don’t have anything bad to say about it but it didn’t wow me either. Therefore, I won’t be picking this up again.

Tesco everyday value cotton wool pads (£1.00): You guys know I only ever use cotton pads that are not from Primark when my Primark ones run out and I can’t get my hands on them any time soon. Therefore, these were for convenience use only.

Biore deep cleansing pore strips Limited Edition (£8.99): These are no where near as good as the charcoal pore strips. The charcoal ones are the only ones from the Biore range that I recommend but I do recommend those ones highly. I will not be purchasing these ones again.

Gillette Venus & Olay 6 razor heads (£20.49): These are the current razors that I use. Not very exciting but these are the best ones I have used so far.

I completely forgot that I updated my decluttering by brand post 1, by adding content mentioning that I was decluttering my Stila mini liquid lipstick in Perla. This was supposed to be included in this post’s totals originally, so I have edited the figures below to include that item now. (1 item and £6.00)

That brings the total number of items to 159 with a retail value of £728.47!

Until the next time,

Lauren x

Project Pan Update #3

Hey everyone,

Recently I posted my project pan update #2 where I showed my progress, new products I am adding to my project pan and products that were leaving it.

This update is going to show the starting points for the new products mentioned in the previous post, give an update on the remaining products and I am going to add a few more previously unmentioned items in too.

Remaining products from the original project:

The MAC eyeshadow in Vanilla is remaining in my project pan and the latest progress photo is later on in this post.

Sleek contour kit in light – I have decided to declutter this from my collection as it is very old and appears to be making my acne worse as a result. The picture below shows the final progress made on the product before it was binned.

LA Girl Pro Concealer in Porcelain – I am declaring this product finished. I could possibly squeeze a little more out but it is becoming more and more difficult to do so. Therefore the photo below shows the ending point of the progress on the concealer.

MAC lipglass in Oxblood – This product is remaining in my project pan and the latest progress photo is later on in this post.

New products mentioned in update #2 and additional products:

Lorac eyeshadow primer – The photo above shows the starting point for this product. The reasons that this product has been added to my project pan are that the packaging is terrible, it means that you can never dispense the right amount making it very wasteful and the product itself is not accessible in the UK.

My reasoning behind adding the Colourpop super shock shadow in Glow was mentioned in update #2, in depth, so I will not repeat that here. The above photo shows the starting point for this product.

The two shadows, Sweet Lust and Jest from MAC, are also added to the project because I rarely use pink/pink toned shadows anymore.

This was the first MAC blush I ever owned and therefore it is quite old and needs to be finished. This is the MAC mineralized blush in the shade Dainty.

The Colourpop matte liquid lipstick in Times Square and NYX matte lipstick in Natural are now being added to this project. The Colourpop item was from my first order to the brand and I never use the NYX lipstick, so I decided these need to be used up.

Finally I decided to add a palette to the project as I have never done a pan that palette challenge before. This is the Alice through the looking glass palette by Urban Decay. It is really bulky, is difficult to store, not all the shades are of the same standard expected from the brand and it contains a lot of colours which I don’t get a lot of opportunities to use. Therefore I am looking forward to keeping track of my progress.

This brings the empties total for 2017 to 135 items, with a retail value of £560.64.

Until the next time,

Lauren x

July Empties (15 items)

Hey everyone,

I am getting later and later with these posts as these months seem to be flying by faster each time. There are so many posts I have wanted to put up recently but I just haven’t gotten round to them yet. The next one that will be going up after this is my Project Pan update #3, as I need to show you guys the starting points for the new products that I said I was adding during the Project Pan update #2 post. I forgot to add the REVLON shadow in ‘Sand’ to my totals during that post, so the 1 item and £2.99 will be added to my final totals in this post.

Decluttered products:

All bar one of the products mentioned in this section were decluttered because they had expired quite a while ago (6 months +), therefore these had to be thrown away to avoid putting harmful bacteria on my skin.

AVON Planet Spa volcanic Iceland warming face mask (£3.99) – This product didn’t do anything for my skin at all, it just got hot. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this because it just doesn’t do anything for you.

AVON Planet Spa Indulgent spa ritual chocolate face mask (£3.99) – This expired product is marketed as a moisturising face mask. Whilst this did provide a little moisture to the skin it was a very underwhelming product. The only good thing about it was the scent, this really does smell of chocolate and not a fake chocolate scent either. Overall, I would not recommend this.

AVON Planet Spa Caribbean Escape Illuminating body butter (£5.99) – This is supposed to be good for only 12 months and this is at least 3 years old. I just don’t use body butters or lotions. I just hate moisturising my body, I always have. I know I need to but I just hate the process. If you do like body butters though, this is a good one. It gives your skin this shimmer, that’s the illuminating part, it smells really good and it comes really nicely packaged in this jar. I do think this is a good product but I just don’t like using these types of products myself.

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator (£16.50) – This has a 30 month expiration date which it is probably has 6 months left on. I purchased this because every exfoliator I had used prior to this was far too harsh on my skin. I do agree that it is a gentle exfoliator that does do a good job, but the jojoba beads are what I didn’t like about it. I do like the fact that these aren’t micro-beads but these beads just don’t seem to want to get off my face. I find them everywhere, on my face (even after a deep face wash), on my neck and in my hair! I will not be repurchasing this as I have found cheaper alternatives that I enjoy that are way more hassle free.

Lacoste touch of pink eau de toilette 30ml (£18.00) – When you sniff the bottle of this it smells great but when I actually apply this to my skin it is so strong. I already decluttered the body lotion of this in a previous post because it was even stronger than the perfume. To top it all off this has definitely expired and I will not be repurchasing it.


AVON Naturals Coconut and starfruit shower gel (99p) – I loved using this as it has such a light but fresh and tropical scent to it. AVON does so many different scents in its ranges of shower products that I think once you find your favourite ones, you won’t want to purchase from other brands. This one is definitely my favourite one I have tried and I will repurchase this once my collection has diminished a bit more.

NYX Angel Veil primer (£13.00) – This is one of my all time favourite primers. It is in between drugstore and high end pricing but the quality is definitely high end. It makes your skin incredibly smooth, fills in all your pores and keeps your makeup on all day. I will definitely be picking this up again soon.

AVON Naturals winter nourishment vanilla and golden pear shampoo (99p) – This has the perfect warm, fruity, winter scent that lingers on your hair after the wash. I liked to use this every other wash to re hydrate my hair and I will be picking it up again when it re-releases this winter.

No7 Quick Thinking Wipes (£2.00) – These are my favourite makeup remover wipes as most of you know. Therefore, I will continue to repurchase these when ever I have a money off voucher.

TESCO Everyday value 80 cotton wool pads (£1.00) – I always use the ones from Primark but I ran out and didn’t have time to pick any up. I only get other brands when I don’t have those ones so I won’t repurchase these again as a first choice.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£13.00) – This was a good everyday moisturiser that hydrated the skin but soaked in quickly, making it easy to apply makeup not long afterwards. However, it has a gel like formula which I don’t particularly enjoy as I have very dry skin. Therefore I will not be repurchasing this product. However, if you have combination/oily skin I would recommend trying this product out.

L’Oreal Preference colour extender (FREE) – This stuff is so good, it really makes your colour look like you only did it a couple days ago. You apply this all over, as you would with hair dye, leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it all off. I really like that L’Oreal have added this to their hair dye kit for the Preference range, as it makes your colour look better in between treatments.

Liquid blendercleanser sample (FREE) – I got this free from BeautyBay and I am obsessed with how clean this makes my sponges look and feel. After using both the liquid and the solid cleanser from beauty blender, I can conclude that the liquid is better for sponges and the solid is better for brushes. I will definitely be purchasing the full size bottle of this.

L’Oreal Preference high shine conditioner (FREE) – This product has been in many empties posts, and my thoughts are still the same. I love this conditioner. It leaves your hair smooth and silky and it extends the life of your colour.

That concludes my July empties, I hope you guys enjoyed it. This brings the total number of empties to 141 items and a retail value of £589.10.

Until the next time,

Lauren x

Project Pan Update #2

Hey everyone,

This is the second update for my 2017 Project Pan. The products added to the project pan mentioned in this post will have their own post showing the start points and explaining the reasons why I am panning them.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in ‘Cricket’:

The Laura Mercier product was in an empties posts so the only product left from this original photo is the Colourpop shadow in ‘Cricket’.

I am having really difficulty using this shadow as during the summer it isn’t really a shade I would use. Therefore, I am going to remove it from my project pan and reintroduce it in the late Autumn/ Winter.

I have decided to replace this with the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in ‘Glow’. This is a matte cream shade that I personally use to carve under my brows with, because it makes them look cleaner but it is more on the natural side. I find that applying this all over the lid doesn’t work well for me, it just clings to dry patches and almost cracks (even though I moisturise every morning). Therefore, I am looking forward to using this one up. I understand that at $5 this is a very affordable product but I don’t feel that you need to purchase this shade in comparison to all the other beautiful ones Colourpop has. I got this one in the Kathleenlights In the Light quad with my first ever Colourpop order, but I wouldn’t repurchase this shade.

Sleek Contour Kit in ‘Light’ and LA Girl Pro. Conceal Concealer in ‘Porcelain’:

Both of these products are going to remain in my 2017 project pan.

I have done really well on the concealer as evident in the comparison photos above. It is really difficult to tell when I am going to finish this, but it has become more and more difficult to get the product out.

I have decided that I am going to throw out the Sleek Contour Kit in Light once I have hit pan on the contour shade, as it is a very old product. I would repurchase this as I think that it is good quality for the price but I just don’t need it in my collection at the moment. I am hoping to have hit pan on it by the next update in a few months.

MAC Toledo Collection Lipglass in ‘Oxblood’ and Stila Stay all day liquid lipstick in ‘Perla’:

The Maybelline lipstick was in an empties post, so only two products from the original photo remain.

The Stila liquid lipstick mini in the shade ‘Perla’ looks as though no progress has been made but I swear I have used this a lot. I think it is time to give this shade a break for a while and pick it up again in the winter, since it does have more of that mauve edge to it.

The MAC Toledo collection lipglass in ‘Oxblood’ is showing a little progress. I do really enjoy this shade it is just on the older side so this is going to continue to be in my project pan for the remainder of the year.

To replace the Maybelline lipstick and the Stila liquid lipstick I am adding to my project pan the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Times Square’ and the NYX Matte lipstick in ‘Natural’.

MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Vanilla’ and REVLON Shadowlink in ‘Sand’:


The orangey Revlon shade was decluttered in my last Project Pan update, leaving the two remaining shadows.

I have decided to declutter the Revlon ‘Sand’ shade as it is very old and I tried to apply it the other day but it has been reduced to slightly coloured glitter.

The MAC eyeshadow in ‘Vanilla’ will remain in my project pan as it is easy to incorporate into looks. I will not repurchase this once finishing it as I don’t see why anyone should spend £10 on a cream single eyeshadow.

I am going to add the MAC eyeshadows in ‘Jest’ and ‘Sweet Lust’ to bring it back up to three powder shadows again.

I am going to do a post very soon with photos of the starting points for the newly added items.

Until the next time,

Lauren x