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Decluttering by brand #3:

Hey everyone,

The day has finally come. This is the last declutter post for 2017. It has been a long time coming but I finally completed this post. I am sorry about the wait but it took quite a while to find all the pictures for the remaining items. In terms of my November and December empties this will be up in the next couple of days as the last post related to 2017.

Colourpop ultra matte lip mini in ‘clueless’ and ‘tulle’ (Both FREE): These were both expired and I will not purchase the full size of either as ‘clueless’ was too pink for me and ‘tulle’ was an unflattering brown shade on my skin tone.

Colourpop ultra matte lip mini in ‘honey pie’ (FREE): I will never have an opportunity to wear this bright red. This was part of a minis set for Valentines day 2017 and I can see a lot of people enjoying this, it is just whether you wear this sort of shade or not.

Colourpop ultra satin lip in ‘Baracuda’ (£4.57): As with most decluttered items this just didn’t work for me. The shade itself just makes me look super ghostly.

Colourpop x Hello Kitty lippie stix in ‘konichiwa’ (£3.89): Too pink. That is my only issue with this product. As Colourpop is only online for those of us in the UK you have to go with swatches and other sources to decide on which colours to buy. Unfortunately this one just didn’t work out for me.

Makeup Revolution liquid lipstick in ‘we rule’ (£4.00): This is a very similar shade to the Kylie Cosmetics metal liquid lipstick in ‘heir’ except I prefer that shade and formula. As I don’t get to wear metallics often, I kept the Kylie one and decluttered the Makeup Revolution one.

Gerard Cosmetics supreme lip creme in ‘wild berry tart’ (£12.00): I like the shade but the smell is too strong and its a bit too sticky for me. Although, wild berry tart is a good shade name for this because the scent itself smells like very sweet berries. Again I feel it is entirely down to preferences with lip products as to whether you will like this or not.

Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in ‘dainty’ (£16.00): The bright peach shade and the fact it looks super streaky on the lips are the reasons that this one had to go. I love the Anastasia gloss formula but this shade was a dud for me.

Sleek highlighting palette in ‘Cleopatra’s kiss’ (£9.99): The two powder highlighters in this palette are far too glittery for my taste and the only one of the creams I could wear was the light yellow shade. As I prefer by far the Sleek Solstice highlighter palette, I will be passing this one on.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint (£25.50): When I first got this I was obsessed, this is such a well known product in the beauty community as it is. This can be used on your cheeks and lips, creating a natural flushed effect. I passed this on as I just found myself not reaching for it anymore. I think if you are really into natural makeup and liquid cheek products you should get a sample to try though, as it is a good product.

Maybelline ColorElixir in ‘720 Nude Illusion’ (£6.99): This has expired so it has been thrown out. This was a nice slightly on the warmer side shade of nude gloss, but I wouldn’t repurchase as I have so many others I prefer.

Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in ‘Vintage Rose’ (£11.00): This particular shade had a very dry formula which when applied drags across your lips. As well as this unpleasant factor the shade didn’t suit me, so I found no reason to keep this in my collection.

Too Faced Glimmer dust in ‘Glitterally’ (FREE): I just don’t use loose glitters. Too much mess, especially since this doesn’t even have a sifter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in dark brown (£15.00): In case you couldn’t tell, this has completely dried out. It is too dark for my brows now anyway, so when I repurchase I think I will choose the shade medium brown instead.

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 611 yogurt (£5.50): I think by now most of you will realise from the theme of products I have been decluttering, that I just don’t use eye crayons.

NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner in vivid violet (£5.50): I like this for regular liner but it does flake off if you use it for a wing. With this limitation and the fact that I have limited opportunities to wear purple liner, I decided to declutter this.

NYX Intense butter gloss in cookie butter (£6.00): I really like the formula of the intense butter glosses but this was such a strange shade. Cookie butter is a light nude with a weird tone to it (I want to say almost yellowish). I just don’t think it looks good at all.

NYX colour correcting powder in banana (£9.00): Far too dark for my skin tone, making it impossible for me to use.

NYX single shadow in happy hour (£4.50): I have so many of this kind of shade in palettes that I just don’t go searching through my collection for this shade in single shadow form.

NYX Tame and Frame tinted brow pomade in brunette (£6.00): This had dried out completely but I have since repurchased it. (For those of you wondering I have picked up Inglot duraline since throwing out my two dried up brow pomades so this doesn’t happen again.)


KIKO wet and dry eyeshadow in 204 (£7.10): I could only get this shade to suit me on the outer corner and it was difficult to get it to blend smoothly when applied there. I love the shade 200 but this one I just couldn’t get to work for me. It would probably work well as an all over lid shade for a purple smokey eye but I don’t get a chance to wear that sort of look often, so I passed this on.

KIKO 3D hydra lip gloss in 22 (£7.90): I have so many lip products and I tend to wear more matte formulas anyway. Overall I just have so many other formulas of lip gloss that I prefer over this one, and this is difficult to store as well as it is in such bulky packaging.

KIKO infinity eyeshadow in 215 (£1.00): I get that this is cheap but the packaging makes this so difficult to use. It is a brown shade with golden subtle sparkle, which I found sometimes showed up and others you wouldn’t think it was anything other than a matte brown.

KIKO make your own palette (£5.00) and KIKO single shadow in 59 (£2.50): I don’t think I am going to purchase more of the KIKO eyeshadows so I passed on the palette with the single shadow in it. The navy shade is nice but I just don’t use it as I rarely ever have the opportunity to wear colourful makeup and when I do I normally reach for purples or warm toned more bold shades.

Annoyingly I have searched extensively and cannot locate the remaining pictures for the following products. Therefore these will just have to be listed.

  • Colourpop lippie stix in Goldie, hotline, upside down and ziggie (£3.89 each): These were shades, well three of them, were the sort that my best friend would love so I already passed those onto her. The shade upside down is a light peach that I got in a kit and it just doesn’t suit me or anyone I know so it unfortunately had to be trashed.
  • NARS blush in miss liberty (£23.00): This product is labelled as a blush but it is actually a highlighter. The reason I decluttered this is because it is quite old and I don’t use highlighters that are super glittery, which this one is pure glitter. I did enjoy using this as an eyeshadow but with the amount of products I own I couldn’t justify not giving it to someone else to try out instead.
  • L’Oreal Color Riche lipstick in 214 violet saturne (£6.99): It was just an okay product. I didn’t like the scent of the lipstick and the colour was just something I would only wear occasionally. Therefore with my large collection of lip products, I didn’t need to keep this one.
  • Coty Airspun loose face powder in translucent (£14.99): OLD LADY PERFUME. Easiest way to describe the scent of this. It is so overwhelming that your face smells of it all day. I really do like the powder itself but you can’t get the unscented version in the UK. The packaging also broke on mine which made it very messy. I believe that this is a good product and I see why so many others love it, but I can’t ignore my nose anymore.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel (£16.50): This one was almost dried out so I tossed it. I love this brow gel and have minis of it that I kept.
  • Colourpop mini ultra matte lip in ‘more better’ (£2.34): I passed this on as it is too bold for me to wear other than once a year or so.

That is it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed the decluttering posts this year. As mentioned previously anything that hasn’t expired will be passed onto others unless it can’t be for hygiene reasons.

This brings the totals to 284 items and a retail value of £1636.65!

Until the next time,

Lauren x



Project Pan Update #2

Hey everyone,

This is the second update for my 2017 Project Pan. The products added to the project pan mentioned in this post will have their own post showing the start points and explaining the reasons why I am panning them.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in ‘Cricket’:

The Laura Mercier product was in an empties posts so the only product left from this original photo is the Colourpop shadow in ‘Cricket’.

I am having really difficulty using this shadow as during the summer it isn’t really a shade I would use. Therefore, I am going to remove it from my project pan and reintroduce it in the late Autumn/ Winter.

I have decided to replace this with the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in ‘Glow’. This is a matte cream shade that I personally use to carve under my brows with, because it makes them look cleaner but it is more on the natural side. I find that applying this all over the lid doesn’t work well for me, it just clings to dry patches and almost cracks (even though I moisturise every morning). Therefore, I am looking forward to using this one up. I understand that at $5 this is a very affordable product but I don’t feel that you need to purchase this shade in comparison to all the other beautiful ones Colourpop has. I got this one in the Kathleenlights In the Light quad with my first ever Colourpop order, but I wouldn’t repurchase this shade.

Sleek Contour Kit in ‘Light’ and LA Girl Pro. Conceal Concealer in ‘Porcelain’:

Both of these products are going to remain in my 2017 project pan.

I have done really well on the concealer as evident in the comparison photos above. It is really difficult to tell when I am going to finish this, but it has become more and more difficult to get the product out.

I have decided that I am going to throw out the Sleek Contour Kit in Light once I have hit pan on the contour shade, as it is a very old product. I would repurchase this as I think that it is good quality for the price but I just don’t need it in my collection at the moment. I am hoping to have hit pan on it by the next update in a few months.

MAC Toledo Collection Lipglass in ‘Oxblood’ and Stila Stay all day liquid lipstick in ‘Perla’:

The Maybelline lipstick was in an empties post, so only two products from the original photo remain.

The Stila liquid lipstick mini in the shade ‘Perla’ looks as though no progress has been made but I swear I have used this a lot. I think it is time to give this shade a break for a while and pick it up again in the winter, since it does have more of that mauve edge to it.

The MAC Toledo collection lipglass in ‘Oxblood’ is showing a little progress. I do really enjoy this shade it is just on the older side so this is going to continue to be in my project pan for the remainder of the year.

To replace the Maybelline lipstick and the Stila liquid lipstick I am adding to my project pan the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Times Square’ and the NYX Matte lipstick in ‘Natural’.

MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Vanilla’ and REVLON Shadowlink in ‘Sand’:


The orangey Revlon shade was decluttered in my last Project Pan update, leaving the two remaining shadows.

I have decided to declutter the Revlon ‘Sand’ shade as it is very old and I tried to apply it the other day but it has been reduced to slightly coloured glitter.

The MAC eyeshadow in ‘Vanilla’ will remain in my project pan as it is easy to incorporate into looks. I will not repurchase this once finishing it as I don’t see why anyone should spend £10 on a cream single eyeshadow.

I am going to add the MAC eyeshadows in ‘Jest’ and ‘Sweet Lust’ to bring it back up to three powder shadows again.

I am going to do a post very soon with photos of the starting points for the newly added items.

Until the next time,

Lauren x

April Empties (21 items!)

Hey everyone!

I could not believe that I used up 21 products this month! Alright most of them are samples but still. The post that will be coming up after this one is called “What I broke my no buy for”. Safe to say that it failed massively within days but I still think it was a good learning experience as not I single product was store bought. I just have no control when it comes to online sales aha. This should have made a little room for those products though.

Decluttered products:

Seventeen Stay Time Foundation in ‘soft ivory’ £6.49 ~ Back in the day I used to swear by this. Before brands started making lighter shades for us pale folk, this was the only foundation that would match me. It was the first full coverage foundation that I ever used, this is my second bottle of it as well but my skin has gotten a lot drier since then and this has a very thick consistency. If you have combination – oily skin and are looking for a super affordable, very full coverage foundation I recommend trying this out if you can find your shade. I just can’t wear this anymore so it had to go.

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm £5.29 ~ This was hyped up by everyone, including myself, but I can’t use this anymore as my skin is too dry (sensing a theme yet). I think that if you have oily skin you will love this. However, stay away from it if you have dry skin as it will not do you any favours.

Revlon Shadowlink in ‘Melon’ £2.99 ~ This was a shadow from my 2017 project pan. I decided to declutter this shade as I made no progress with it and its very old. This was mentioned in my Project Pan update which if you haven’t seen that, it is the post before this one.


Biore Charcoal Pore Strips £9.49 ~ I don’t know where the box for this went but this month I finished another pack of these pore strips. Both my boyfriend and I use these, they are super effective and you can usually get these on sale at Superdrug so they will be cheaper than the price above.

Too Faced Better than Sex mascara mini in purple FREE ~ This came in the Too Faced x NikkieTutorials collab kit. Recently Jeffree Star mentioned on Snapchat that the contract Too Faced made Nikkie sign for this collection was awful, we will probably never know the details but I love Nikkie so I hope it wasn’t that bad. It does make me question whether I want to purchase Too Faced products, what with all the drama around the old owner of the brand as well. Anyways, I loved using this product on my bottom lashes when I had a purple shade smoked on my lower lash line. This is really old now so I have to throw it out but I did really enjoy this and it has made me consider purchasing the original better than sex mascara.

L’Oreal Preference high shine conditioner FREE ~ Now I may have fallen out with my hair dye but my relationship with this conditioner is still holding strong. It just keeps your colour looking good and your hair looking healthy and shiny.

AVON ANEW VITALE day cream sample FREE x2 ~ These were the last two of the samples that I had of this product. I don’t know how many of these samples I have used up and shown in my empties posts, but it must be at least 30. I am still of the opinion that it is just okay; it’s a basic moisturiser with SPF 25 which makes it good for day time. I will not be purchasing the full size as there are products I prefer in my collection.

Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in 725 Tantalizing Taupe £6.99 ~ Some of you may have seen this in my project pan update but if you haven’t, this is the first product I have finished in my project pan 2017. This is the perfect nude shade for fair skin tones, its great to just throw on as it goes with every look and you don’t have to think about it. I will definitely repurchase this as it is, dare I say it, my favourite drugstore nude lipstick.

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub £5.75 ~ I am tired of trying to love sugar scrubs in a pot. Don’t get me wrong if you are looking for a harsher scrub for your lips to get every bit of dead skin off, then you will probably like this. This is just too harsh on my lips and it becomes uncomfortable, I don’t enjoy sticking my finger in a pot and getting it under my nails and this product in particular goes bad so quickly. Therefore since I am not fond of this form of product and it went off a while ago. It was time for it to leave my collection.

Beauty Blender solid £14.00 ~ Until I made this purchase I was washing my brushes and sponges with hand soap, which did the job but took the colour out of my beauty blender and made the tools smell a little funny. This product makes it so easy to get everything super clean and I don’t have to use as much as I would if I was using the soap. Even if you don’t own a beauty blender, I highly recommend purchasing this to clean your tools as it will save you a lot of time and they will look like new.

Beauty Blender (Original) £16.00 ~ This was the first beauty blender I ever purchased and I used it to death which is why it is in this post. I purchased a new one in the light pink shade which I adore, even though it is basically white with a pink tint now from washing it. It applies liquid and cream products to the face quickly and blends them out flawlessly. I believe that everyone has to at least try these, they are hyped up for a reason.

AVON Senses Joyful Tropics papaya and peach moisturising shower creme £1.00 ~ This is a shower creme that smells exactly like it says it will. This is summer in a bottle, super fruity and more papaya than peach I would say. I really enjoyed this and I will probably pick another bottle up at some point.

Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer sample FREE ~ I really didn’t like this. The smell was awful and super strong, being a popular and very expensive moisturizer I thought that although I might hate the smell it will do wonders for my skin. Wrong. This product costs £94.00 and it did nothing for my skin. I certainly won’t be purchasing the full size of this.

Lancome Juicy Shaker in 400 ‘Mint to be’ £19.50 ~ This shade applies clear with a very slight blue tint and it makes your teeth look whiter. Essentially this shade is a clear lip oil and therefore is super expensive for what it is. If you are prepared to spend this amount on a lip oil then I say go for it because this is the most hydrating lip product I have ever used. I loved how soft this made my lips. I would apply this when I had been wearing liquid lipstick days in a row and after you would never have known. I just personally can’t bring myself to repurchase it for that price. Although if you wear very minimal makeup and prefer to spend more on skincare products, I think you would love this as a lip oil in your daily routine.

Goldfaden MD Wake up call overnight regenerative facial treatment sample FREE ~ This had a beautiful light citrus scent to it and sunk nicely into the skin. It is for dry and ageing skin and I do recommend you get a sample of this before purchasing as it is £75.00 for 50ml (Ouch!). I do think that if you have that type of skin and you have tried a sample and enjoy it, it could be worth it. I would wait till Space NK does a spend £60 and get £15 off offer (this is online and is done quite a lot) to save yourself some money. Although to be honest you guys its very difficult to give a solid review on skincare based on a sachet.

REN V-Cense Revitalising night cream sample FREE ~ This has a really strong scent as well, I know a lot of products in this post that I haven’t liked is because of this but I honestly don’t know why brands are putting products out with such strong botanical/almost medicinal scents to them. It was a pretty good night cream but this scent lingers and I can’t bear it so I won’t purchase it. I find most REN products have strong scents so I really recommend smelling the products in store before purchase any of them, especially cause they are expensive.

REN Flash Rinse 1 minute facial sample FREE ~ This had such a strong citrus/ fresh orange scent, that’s the first thing I remember about this product. I left my skin feeling good but other than that I didn’t notice enough of a difference for the £32.00 that this product costs. I feel that since the claims on the product are based around lines, fatigue etc you would have to use it over time to actually see a result.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge £5.99 ~ I will always repurchase this sponge, I think its a great alternative to the beauty blender if you don’t want to spend the cash on it. I am currently using the Eco tools sponges instead but I am sure there is room for another of these in my collection as well.

Head & Shoulders smooth and silky shampoo sample FREE ~ I love Head & Shoulders products I just find that my hair reacts really well to it. This shampoo made my hair so shiny and healthy looking that of course I am going to go and buy the full size. I am just going to wait until I have used up some more hair products that I own.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre sample FREE ~ I have the full size of this already and I am obsessed with it. It’s super hydrating and a thicker cream consistency which I enjoy. I highly recommend this for those of you with dry or combination skin. Those with dry skin can wear this as a day or night cream where as I think combination skin people would just want to use this at night in my opinion.

That was the final product in my April empties, I know this was a long post but I had a lot of products to talk about this time. The totals are now 84 items with a retail value of £301.74 ! I am so happy that I am only 16 items away from 100 empties already! Will I make it to 100 empties next month…you’ll have to wait to find out.

Until the next time,

Lauren x





Project Pan Update 1

I bet you all thought I had forgotten about this post. Well it has finally arrived; my first update on the project pan items I selected at the beginning of the year. I started 2017 by choosing 10 products that I wanted to finish/hit pan on and in conjunction with my empties and decluttering posts and my current no buy (which failed 8 days in), I truly believe that this year is going to result in a much more organised and manageable makeup collection.

Lets start with the three single powder eyeshadows.

As you can see I have made quite good progress in this area. The first thing you will have noticed between the before and after photo is that I have hit pan on MAC Vanilla. This took so long. I never realised how much product you get in a MAC eyeshadow. My aim by the next update is to have used most of it, if not all of it, up. As it is a basic whitish bone shade I feel it is an essential eyeshadow but I don’t believe that you need to spend £10 on this shade.

When I started my 2017 project pan, the Revlon Shadowlink in Sand was already showing pan. This has expanded quite a bit, which I am super happy about. I generally use this shade as an inner corner highlight or all over the lid. I love these light champagne shades its just that this one is really old and the glitter is a little chunky for my current tastes. This is one that I am hoping to finish up by next time.

Disappointingly, I have made no progress on the Revlon Shadowlink in Melon. As it is so old and I haven’t even used it in the past 4 months, I am going to declutter this eyeshadow. I don’t like to declutter products that are this unused but I have had it for so long and I just don’t envision myself using it in the future.

I am loving using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Cameo, as the coverage is perfect for everyday wear. I have no doubt that I will repurchase this but I think next time I will try another shade as it is a little pink for my taste. By the next update I am pretty sure this will be used up. The Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Cricket, is another story. A little progress can be seen, however I am finding it extremely difficult to get use out of this shade since it isn’t exactly office appropriate. Nevertheless I love the product so I don’t mind it sitting in my collection a while longer.


The only real progress that has been made with these is the Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in 725 Tantalizing Taupe, that has been officially used up. This was one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks which I have no doubt I will repurchase. The other two products don’t appear to have changed much, but I am hoping by the next update that things will be different. Although I highly doubt that there will be another finished lip product by the next update, one can always hope.


Something I have discovered over the past couple of months is that the LA Girl Pro Conceal is never ending. I used this for a period of time everyday and there is no difference. The Sleek contour kit in light is doing well; I still couldn’t hit pan on the contour side. You can see the dip in it but I have no idea how long it will take to use it up.

That is it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please follow my blog and Instagram if you haven’t already. I am going to be doing monthly updates from now on if you want to see what progress I make on these items. I haven’t decided yet when I am going to add items to my project pan or what those will be or how many, so please stay tuned for that.

The decluttered shadow and the used up lipstick means that there are only 8 products in my project pan now. These two items will be mentioned more in depth in my April empties which will be posted in the first week of May.

Until the next time,

Lauren x

Products purchased in January

Hey everyone,

Recently, whilst binging on YouTube beauty videos, I was thinking about how I love beauty haul videos/blog posts and wondered why I never put any on my site. Then I remembered… I purchase a lot of products and usually in small quantities, so I would be creating tonnes of small individual posts.

Since I love seeing massive hauls, I have decided that each month I will show you guys every beauty, skincare and hair product I bought and for the ones I have tried I will add mini reviews.

All these categories apart from beauty products only have a few items in each. Also, this isn’t all of the products that I purchased in the month of January. I just can’t remember some of the items as Christmas and January sales merge together in my memory. Probably my brain trying to make me feel less guilty.

Hair products:

I only have two this month to share, one was a repurchase and the other was a new discovery. The product I repurchased was the Toni & Guy Cleanse dry shampoo and this time I got the 250ml bottle. Before in my empties post I mentioned that this was my favourite dry shampoo. It adds volume, smells fresh and absorbs oil so I had to pick up another one.

The second hair product I bought is the L’Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Low Shampoo 400ml. This was in Fleur de Force’s New in Beauty January video and I was intrigued by it. Basically, a low shampoo is for cleansing your hair and you use it every so often in place of both your shampoo and conditioner. This one is for dry and coloured hair. There is another one that is based off of the extraordinary oil range. So far I have been liking it but it is early days.



I also purchased two brushes in January from BeautyBay: one was the Morphe G42 and the other was the Sigma F80.

The Morphe G42 is a flat contour brush that is densely packed but really soft. You can use this to apply a contour shade in the hollows of your cheeks very precisely and if you use the very edge of the brush you can contour your nose as well. Another common use for this type of brush is to clean up your contour by baking underneath it, and Jaclyn Hill uses this form of brush to apply powder to the sides of her eyes to allow herself to create sharp winged eyeshadow look when she brushes the powder away.

Everyone in the beauty community has heard of the Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush. This is amazing for apply foundation as it gives a seamless flawless finish. I would highly recommend this. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it looks dirty after one use so I am constantly washing it.


Good things seem to be coming in twos in this post. I swear I didn’t realise this until I started to write this. Both of the products are from L’oreal and the first one is the Fine flowers gel-cream wash. I haven’t actually tried this yet because I am finishing up a few cleansers but what sucked me into buying this, other than sale on L’oreal skincare, was that it says on the bottle it is for dry and sensitive skin, contains no soap or alcohol and it contains rose & jasmine. The packaging is really pretty as well so I am excited to try that.

The second item is a product that has been raved about on YouTube, it is the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. Although, I have dry skin I am acne and blackhead prone so I am obsessed with charcoal/mud masks. The jar itself is very heavy which I like because it reminds me of luxury skincare brands. I have used this a few times and I am hooked. It doesn’t dry out my skin but leaves it really smooth once I completed my skin care routine. When the mask is on it really drys hard so its difficult to move your face and the product enters your pores so you can see all the impurities being drawn out. Half of me thinks it looks really gross and the other half finds it really satisfying.


Beauty products:

Maybelline ~ I got the matte and poreless foundation after all this time because finally Maybelline released two lighter shades. I purchased the lightest one in the shade 100 warm ivory. This costs £5.99 normally but I got it with the next product I am going to mention in an offer which means I only paid £9.99 for both!

Master Strobing liquid highlighter in light/iridescent is something I have admired on YouTube for a long time and we finally got it in the UK. This is a pinky icy shade and it looks stunning on light skin tones. There are two other shades available in the states and one other available in the UK.

Finally, I bought the colorsensational matte lipstick in 983 Beige Babe after I saw MannyMua obsessing over it at a Maybelline event. The amount of products this month I have bought because of him is insane. It such a beautiful light nude shade and the formula is so super creamy, that I am going to go out and purchase more shades.


Jouer cosmetics ~ When it comes to this brand, if you live in the UK the best way to purchase products from it is on Cult Beauty. I bought two lip cremes to add to the two I already own, the shades I purchased were buff and dulce de leche. I love the formula of these lip cremes, they are smooth, pigmented, have a beautiful shade range and aren’t drying on the lips. I will definitely be picking more up in the future.

The other item I bought was the powder highlighter in Ice. I knew I wanted to buy this the minute I saw it on NikkieTutorials Snapchat. The shade name suits it well, its highly pigmented and buttery and the packaging is beautiful. I wish they would make this in a full size.


KIKO ~During their January sale I picked up one of the smart colour eyeshadows in the shade 13. I believe I paid no more than £3 for it. It is a beautiful light peach shade, that was a purchase inspired by the launch of the Kylie Royal Peach palette. I had been obsessing over the peach shades in that palette but didn’t love the other shades enough to purchase it. This shade, although it is a little powdery and patchy when you swatch it, was the perfect alternative and it blends really nicely.

The other two products I got were the infinity high pigmented eyeshadows in  202 and 236. I hate the packaging of these because the lid can pop off of them so easily, but I think these were less than £2 each in the sale so you get what you pay for. However, the shadows themselves are beautifully soft and pigmented. 202 is a gorgeous champagne shade that I have used for highlight and 236 is a shimmering taupy bronze. I use both of these all over my lid and originally purchased them for a no brainer shadow to throw on for work, but I use them all the time now.


Gerard Cosmetics ~ I purchased these products because of the sale on the BeautyBay website, it is still on so go and check it out.

Supreme lip cream in Wild berry tart: This is such a beautiful berry shade and even the lip product itself has a sweet berry scent. It has a really smooth texture, applies evenly and I will definitely be picking up more shades from the range.

Hydra matte liquid lipsticks in Skinny Dip and Mile High: These two shades are quite similar but mile high is a little darker. I enjoy this formula and I got these two for a little over £8 each which is amazing.


Other brands:

NYX loose banana powder: I wanted to brighten up my under eye area with this powder. However, I think it is a little too yellow for my skin tone. I have only used it twice so I will continue to use it before making a final decision on it.

This was a MannyMua inspired purchase. Since he raves about the Smashbox 24 hour photo finish shadow primer constantly, I had to try it out. All of my purchases inspired by MannyMua have resulted in owning products that I love so I look forward to using this.


I got the Makeup Geek eyeshadow in ‘pocket change’ because I am trying to build a dupe palette for the Kylie Bronze palette (I am having a little difficulty). However, if I do complete building that palette I will do a post on it.

BeautyBay recently started stocking Jeffree Star products including the originally limited edition highlighter in ‘Princess Cut’. This is an absolutely beautiful icy highlighter with a hint of pink and is blinding on the cheeks.

Milani launched the prime perfection face primer, which is supposed to be hydrating and pore minimising and is oil free. Those two claims in a primer don’t usually mix but I am really enjoying this one! It hydrates the skin but still minimises pores well. Not as much as the Porefessional by Benefit but that one dries out my skin, so its a comprise. So if you have dry skin but need a pore minimising primer, definitely check this out cause its only £10.00.

Bourjois rouge edition velvet in the shade 10 ‘Don’t pink of it!’ This was a completely random purchase and I haven’t trialled the formula yet. It is a perfect everyday mid toned pink shade though.


That was the final product that I purchased in the month of January. I know that this is a lot of makeup to accumulate, especially in a one month period, but this is what I love. Please let me know in the comment section if you want more in depth reviews of any of these products.

Until the next time,



Beauty Haul/ First impressions

I went a bit mad yesterday when I went to Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams. So I thought this was a good time to do a beauty haul post to give you my first impressions on each product. By the end of this post you will all realise why I am going on a ban from buying any lipsticks this September.

Blanx white shock toothpaste

Blanx white shock toothpaste

I get staining on my teeth easily and if you share this same problem then you probably search the shelves for the best whitening products around as I do. I have used this product only a few times now and already I see a difference. This toothpaste naturally whitens, still works as a normal toothpaste which protects your teeth and removes bacteria and doesn’t contain peroxide. If this product continues to improve and maintain my teeth then I will surely repurchase.

Wonder'full mascara by Rimmel London

Wonder’full mascara by Rimmel London

This mascara has been constantly advertised and raved about due to it containing Argan oil. This aims to be kinder to your lashes and have conditioning qualities. This mascara lengthens and separates lashes well. I will only be to tell if I really like this mascara by using it more. What did you think of it?

Revlon lip butter in Juicy Papaya

Revlon lip butter in Juicy Papaya

I already own one of these, which you will know if you have read the post previous to this. I have been loving wearing an orange lip lately so of course I had to have this. This product gives the colour of a lipstick and the mosturises like a lip balm.

Maybelline colorsensational lip liner in 132 sweet pink

Maybelline colorsensational lip liner in 132 sweet pink

Many of the lip products I own are a nude or a pink, this liner is suitable for both. These liners last a long time so I think I will be using this a lot in the next few months.

Rimmel London Glam'eyes liquid liner

Rimmel London Glam’eyes liquid liner

This is a repurchase due to my last one drying out. This is a liner that glides on and the applicator is precise. I cannot fault this so until I can find a better one this will be repurchased over and over again.

Revlon super lustrous lipstick 025 skyline pink and 001 nude attitude

Revlon super lustrous lipstick 025 skyline pink and 001 nude attitude

As you are probably beginning to notice I love Revlon lip products. Sky line pink is the incredibly pale swatch in the bottom right photo. Nude attitude is my first matte lipstick. These lipsticks colour lasts ages. Again these are £7.99.

Mayvelline ColorElixir 720 Nude Illusion

Maybelline ColorElixir 720 Nude Illusion

This is a brand new product so therefore I had to try it out. This gloss looks great over the Revlon lipstick in nude attitude. The applicator for this gloss allows for even application over the lips. Needless to say I will properly get this in more colours.

Mac Studio fix fluid foundation in NW10

Mac Studio fix fluid foundation in NW10

My final three products are high end ones from Debenhams. For years I have been trying to find my perfect shade with little success. Until I got matched at the Mac counter the other day. This foundation is great in every way apart from one. It doesn’t have a pump which makes application harder and means you are more likely to waste product.

YSL Rouge Voulpte lipsticks in Lingerie pink and Peach passion

YSL Rouge Voulpte lipsticks in Lingerie pink and Peach passion

These are the best lipsticks of all time and I will stand by that. I was only going to purchase one but Debenhams have an offer on at the moment. Which means if you spend £50 or more on beauty and fragrance you get £10 back in points on your Debenhams beauty card at the end of September. So naturally I saw the opportunity to get more than one. These lipsticks are opaque and therefore you only need to apply one layer. The formula makes them mosturising and they smell fruity as well.

Safe to say that I need to have a spending ban on lipsticks for the rest of the month.

Until the next time

Eos vs Babylips


Eos and Babylips are two very popular lip balm collections. Are they really worth the hype though? and which one is the better choice when it comes to value for money?

Starting with my two eos lip balms, summer fruit and strawberry sorbet, there spherical shaped packaging makes it a unique and cute product. You receive a lot of product in the container as you can see above. Their scents match the names they are given and aren’t over powering. However, the irregular shape is harder to store and carry in smaller bags. As well as it being less avaliable in the UK, it is more expensive than Babylips.

I own four babylips products, 3 from the regular collection and 1 from the Dr.Rescue collection. Pink punch is swatched in the bottom right corner photo which presents one of the things I love most about Babylips. Some of the lip balms are coloured which means you can wear it as a mosturising lip stain without the need for a lipstick in an everyday look. They are easy to store and carry around. There are also lots of different ranges such as the Dr.Rescue range and the Electro range. The Dr.Rescue range is for super hydrating and repairing chapped lips, the protecting berry (white container) does exactly that. The other two are called intense care (yellow tube) and hydrate (blue tube). Intense care has a plain Vaseline smell and hydrate has a lemony scent.

In my opinion Babylips is the sure winner as it is cheaper, multi-purpose and easy to store. I rate it a 10/10 as it is a product you can rely on.

If you wish to purchase these then I will leave the links below:

Babylips regular range on Boots.com

Eos regular range on the Eos site 

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