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Decluttering by brand #2 ~ Kylie Cosmetics, AVON and Soap and Glory

Hey everyone,

This time I am going to be decluttering from my collection of the brands Kylie Cosmetics, AVON and Soap and Glory. I am going to get one of these posts out a week till I run out of brands I own. I decluttered my collection in one go so that is why some things may turn up in empties in the future before they do in these.

Kylie Cosmetics: I knew starting out that this was going to be a brand that I didn’t get rid of a lot from. I really love Kylie’s products, from the shade range to the packaging to the wear time. The only product I am decluttering is the Koko collection matte liquid lipstick in ‘Khol$’. This is a really warm medium nude shade that I just can’t pull off, so this will be going to my best friend since it has only been worn once or twice.

Collection  before decluttering

To use up and not repurchase

To declutter

AVON: This was a more complex brand for me to deal with, mainly because I owned such a wide range of products from them. I chose to declutter 8 items, 1 to use up and not repurchase category and keep 9 items.

I put the matte liquid concealer in the to use up section because it was too drying for my under eyes but I finished it this month so it will now be decluttered. It has a beautiful natural matte finish that if I had oily skin I would probably repurchase this, but unfortunately with my dry skin it doesn’t look that good for long. The Magix powder is only in the to use up category because it is just an okay product, I don’t know if it is because it is a HD powder or what but it isn’t my favourite.

I decluttered the prep + set spray because it was too alcohol smelling and left my skin feeling super tight. The shimmer brick is at least 3 and a half years old and discontinued by the brand. I had a duplicate of the concealer and the used one was getting rather old. The colourtrend lipstick in ‘adorable’ has been discontinued and had a formula I wasn’t impressed with. Finally the shine burst gloss sticks in ‘Nude shine’, ‘Dragon fruit pink’ and ‘Raspberry glaze’ were decluttered as the nude and raspberry shades had glitter in them that made them gritty and the pink shade was just unflattering on me.

The products I decided to keep were a glimmerstick in ‘cosmic brown’, a brow glimmerstick in ‘brunette’, two shine burst lip glosses in ‘Rose splash’ and ‘Berry splash’, two shine burst gloss sticks in ‘Rose’ and ‘Vivid cherry’, a lipstick in ‘Romance’ and a cream concealer. All the products are ones that I really enjoy and will continue to use regularly. My favourite Avon product that I own is probably the shine burst gloss stick in ‘Vivid Cherry’ as it is super hydrating and such as stunning colour, I own nothing else like it and its only £3.50!


Soap and Glory: This was probably the easiest brand for me to do, as I am decluttering both of these products.

The palette only included two shades that could be used for the crease and they were both purples which wouldn’t work for the other neutral shades. Most of the shadows were okay quality but some were gritty with fall out and little pigment. Overall I wasn’t impressed, I hung on to this palette till now for three shades out of the ten only.

The mini gloss in the shade ‘Rose and shine’ is half used up and about 2 and a half years old. I am not a fan of the tingly lip glosses either so this was a simple decision for me.

The figures:

After decluttering a total of 10 items in this post (plus 1 empty that will be included in my June empties total), this brings the total number for my empties to 122 and the retail value to £444.90.

That is it for this second decluttering by brand post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please follow me here on my blog and on Instagram, that is also ‘teenbeautylife’. June empties and declutter by brand #3 should be up around the end of next week.

Until the next time,

Lauren x


Kylie Cosmetics Review Part 3 (The Burgundy palette)

Hey everyone,

Yes, Part 3 is coming before Part 2 in the series. I know it seems like a crazy order but I had requests on Instagram for this particular review and I am so far behind with my posts that I thought I better write this one now. This post, as mentioned before in part 1, is going to be a review of the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy palette and tips on how to ensure you get the products you want before they sell out.

Top tips:

  1. Find out the time of the restock/launch for your time zone. Kylie always states her launch times as PST (Pacific standard time) so use google to translate that time to your time zone.
  2. Be on the site at least 5 mins early. Refreshing your page at the time of the launch will give you access to the products instantly and increases your chances of getting them before they sell out.
  3. Create an account before you want to make a purchase. By doing this some of your personal information will already be entered and it will speed up your check out process.
  4. Know what you are going to buy beforehand. This way you can add the items to your cart faster.
  5. Wait in line. As Kylie Cosmetics is a highly popular brand, to prevent the website from crashing there is a screen that will pop up when you click the checkout button. This will put you in a queue and if your product sells out before you can checkout you will be notified. The key here is to be ready to checkout immediately and DON’T REFRESH THE PAGE. As you will lose your place in the queue.
  6. Have your card at hand. That way you can enter your card information faster.

I know none of these tips are anything really new but I follow all of these and I have never had a launch for Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop or Jeffree Star that I haven’t gotten all the products I wanted.

The review:


The packaging and the price:

This palette has the exact same packaging as the previous one, it is cardboard with a magnetic closing system but the tears are different shades to match the palettes colour scheme. This one also doesn’t have a mirror but Kylie’s holiday collection palette does.

The palette costs $42.00 (approx £34.00) not including shipping and customs. This makes the Kyshadow palette quite expensive. To compare the price to other palettes, the Too Faced Boudoir eyes palette which also has 9 shades is £29.00.

The product:

In this palette you get 9 shades, 4 of which are shimmers and 5 mattes. The shade range makes it easy to make a simple matte eye look or a glam eye. It has been compared to the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette but I disagree with that. Although the palettes both have the theme of burgundy shades, the modern renaissance palette has a lot more red and pink based shades where as the Kyshadow palette has more purple based shades.

The pigmentation of the shades is amazing for both the mattes and the shimmers. The shade Naked is the only one that I am slightly disappointed in. Not for the reason that I have heard others mention though. I know that Kylie intended it to be less intense than the other shades so it could be used for a brow bone highlight. However, I am very fair so this shade has to be used all over the lid on me because otherwise it looks like a stripe under my brow. Therefore, this palette doesn’t contain any brow bone shades for people with fair skin which is a downside for me.


First row: Left to Right – Naked, Beach and Penny


Second row: Left to Right – LA, Burgundy (forgive the awful swatch) and Dubai


Third row: Left to Right – Brick, New York and Almond


Is it worth it?

Yes, I really like this palette. The shades are pigmented, buttery and blendable. My only issue is as mentioned earlier, there isn’t a brow bone shade in this palette for people with fair skin. However, I know that it would look amazing on people with medium skin tones.

Therefore, if you don’t like dipping into more than one palette for your eye look and are fair skinned this isn’t the palette for you, but I really recommend this palette to anyone who loves fall eye makeup like I do. My favourite shade in the palette is ‘Penny’ because it is such a unique peach with pink in it.

That is the end of this review, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I am hoping to get part 2 up in the next two weeks. Which products are you planning on getting from the holiday collection?

Until the next time,

Lauren x

Kylie Cosmetics Review Part 1 (Glosses)

Hey everyone,

Yes it is finally happening. I am going to be reviewing one of the most controversial brands/ topics in the makeup community. I have shied away from doing posts about this brand until now because of how strongly people feel about it. However, I feel it is important for people to be able to post their views without fear of backlash in the comments. This Part 1 of this series where I will be talking about the lip glosses. Part 2 will be the lip kits and part 3 will be one of the eyeshadow palettes, so stay tuned for them.

I wanted to give you all a different perspective on these products as I am in my late teens which is her target market and I live in the UK so it costs me a lot more to obtain them. In part 3 I will also be talking about tips for ordering on the website to make sure you get all the products you want before they sell out.

Pricing, shipping and customs:

Each of the glosses in this brand retails for $15.00, now this isn’t what you pay for it when you live in the UK. With the current exchange rate you are looking at paying around £12.31 and this is a nice price point that is between drugstore and highend. Plus a currency conversion charge of £1.25 which is standard and will be deducted from your card but not seen at the checkout.

Shipping from Kylie Cosmetics is $14.95 which you might think is very expensive (at around £12.26). I have found that this charge for shipping to the UK from the US is pretty reasonable, between Jeffree Star at $10.95 (£8.98 ) and Colourpop at $25.00 (£20.51).

It doesn’t stop there though because you still have to pay VAT and a customs fee that isn’t added on at the checkout. You will pay VAT at 20% and a post office handling fee of £8.00 before you can obtain your package. The VAT I understand as you have to pay this in the UK anyway, except it is added onto the items original price. However I hate paying the post office handling fee, especially when it is more than the VAT you have to pay on the item. I seriously think that the policy relating to customs fees needs to change because it is so expensive and disinterests people from doing trade with other countries. Tip: to get more out of your post office handling fee do larger orders rather than smaller more frequent orders because you will pay the same amount of VAT but less shipping and less handling fees.


The lip glosses are in the typical plastic tube shape and they are clear with black writing/detailing on them. I really like the design of these because not only do they look and feel quite expensive, the drips from the neck of the tube and the Kylie signature below is such a unique design concept that is now so highly recognised.


The wand on this lip gloss is what sparked the original outrage but I received one from the batch after they were fixed. The wand is a short brush applicator and I personally prefer doe foot applicators for precision reasons, but this is definitely my favourite brush applicator that I have ever used. It didn’t fray and allowed a nice amount of precision. Fraying is my biggest hate with lip gloss applicators and that is generally why I stick with doe foot ones, so I am glad this one didn’t.



I own two of the glosses, one from the original launch and one from the launch based on the liquid lipstick shades. I was sceptical about purchasing this particular product after the incident with the wands; if you don’t know about that where have you been. Considering, I think she dealt with it well by replacing everyone’s products. I am not going to mention it in any more detail because there are plenty of videos about it on YouTube.

The first shade I purchased was “So cute” which is from the original three shade launch and the lightest colour gloss she makes. That launch was three nude shades, ranging from light to medium to dark. The medium shade is named “Literally” and the darkest one is named “Like”.

The second gloss I own is “Koko K” and this was part of a four shade launch to accompany some of the liquid lipsticks. The other shades from that launch are named “Candy K”, “Posie K” and “Exposed”. I was planning on purchasing the Koko K lip kit in the same order as another gloss so it made sense for it to be the matching one.

The gloss has a very sweet scent which I love, it smells sweeter than MAC lipsticks (they have a vanilla cupcake scent) and it smells slightly less like cake and more like sweets. Sorry I am so bad at describing scents but I think that is pretty accurate.

Both glosses have the same formula which is very smooth and completely none sticky. Now my preference when it comes to lip gloss is for it to be pigmented enough to be worn alone as I don’t like to put one over a regular lipstick generally. These glosses are really pigmented so they are perfect for me and I wear them alone all the time. If you are someone that likes their lip gloss to be sheer, this isn’t the product for you. Obviously, you can still use these on top of other lip products but it isn’t going to give you a wash of colour effect.

The glosses contain 2.60ml of product which is such a low amount compared to a NYX butter gloss that has 8ml and a KIKO 3D Hydra lip gloss that has 6.5ml. I feel as though the size of this product is deceiving as to how much it contains. I didn’t even realise how little product this contains until I went to write this post.


So Cute is a very pale nude gloss and Koko K is a light pinky mauve gloss.



I really like these lip glosses as they have a great amount of pigmentation, have super cute packaging and have a great shade range. The other colours I want to get my hands on are Posie K, Candy K and Like. The other two just wouldn’t suit my skin tone at all. However, I wish that you got more product for your money as it does contain a lot less than your average gloss.

That is it for my Kylie Cosmetics review part 1 on the lip glosses I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts on how I did the in depth product review because I haven’t done one before and of course if there are any specific products you want a review on as well.

Favourite celebrity makeup looks

When I think of my favourite celebrity makeup looks, I instantly think of certain celebrities whose makeup I always love. This post is going to include photos of some of my favourite celebrity makeup looks and explain what makes them stand out to me.

Keira Knightley:

Above are two very contrasting makeup looks on the stunning Keira Knightley. These are two of my favourite makeup looks because the one on the left is natural makeup with a smokey eye, and the other is more bold with a red lip and bronze eye. Keira is also involved with the brand Chanel, which is the brand of makeup she is wearing the second photo.

Candice Accola: 


This photo is from The Vampire Diaries where Candice Accola plays Caroline Forbes. This is a favourite celeb makeup looks of mine because the makeup artist made her makeup darker for a fewer episodes to represent her struggle and change of character. All the makeup on the show is done so flawlessly that I love tonnes of Candice’s looks; and I love that makeup can be used not only to display a character to an audience but to express yourself to others.

Angelina Jolie:


One of the most amazing actresses in my opinion. This photo is from the film ‘The Tourist’. Angelina pulls off such a classic red lip amazingly and her entire look is so glamorous, from the eye look to the earrings.

Kylie Jenner:


Last but not least, this is a woman who needs no introduction. She owns her own makeup company and has the makeup community using terms such as “a Kylie Jenner look” or “Kylie Jenner lip”. I love this makeup look because it is a look I would gladly wear everyday. The colours and tones are so signature to her which makes it such an individual celebrity makeup look.

What are your favourite celebrity makeup looks?

**Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine. All credit goes to their owners.**