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Decluttering my lipstick samples – Would I purchase the full size?

Hi everyone!

When the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks first launched I got a tonne of free samples to try out. The range has 120 shades in 6 finishes, and I only own the full size of one (the shade ‘714’). These are priced at £15.50 each and are cruelty free.

I want to disclose that unless I say otherwise in the mini reviews, I love the formula of these. The main distinction as to why I won’t purchase the full size of some of these is that some colours just don’t work on certain skin tones. However, I wanted to include swatches of all of them because you might just find your perfect shade.

Swatches and individual reviews:

This shade is called ‘Stark Naked’ and it is a warm nude in a comfort matte formula. I wouldn’t purchase the full size of this one because I don’t suit warm toned nudes at all as I am so pale. If you have more of a medium skin tone, this will definitely look good on you.

This shade is called ‘Rapture’ and it is a mauve pink in a cream formula. This is such a beautiful, classic cult shade. I will definitely purchase the full size of this. The cream formulas just glide on and the pigmentation is gorgeous.


This shade is called ‘Backtalk’ and it is in a comfort matte formula. This shade is similar to Rapture except it is a matte rather than a cream finish and is more of a cool toned purple with less pink in it. However, it is still really wearable and I will be picking up the full size. It seems like it is going to be perfect for the Autumn months.


I will be purchasing the full size of either this or Conspiracy (which is the darker version). This metallized medium brown is a unique lipstick that doesn’t feel gritty. Definitely a recommended shade.

This is ‘Manic’, this one is a cream formula and is more of a slightly reddish brown shade. I adore this, I think that this is so wearable and yet it adds a little something to your look. Will definitely be picking up this shade soon.


This is a bold deep red shade, in a cream formula, called ‘Rock Steady’. Definitely a shade I want to pick up. What’s your favourite type of red to wear?


This is a cream formula in ‘Gash’ and it is a pink based red (it is a bit darker than in the photo). Whilst the name of the shade may be off putting, the colour certainly isn’t. I don’t know whether I will purchase this or not, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear red. There are so many available in vice lipstick range that you are guaranteed to find your perfect red.


This is a cream formula named ‘Jilted’, it is a medium pink with a purple edge to it. For me this is a quite bold shade but I enjoyed trying it out. I may pick this up in the future if I want to purchase something a little outside my comfort zone.


This cream lipstick in the shade ‘Firebird’ is a hot pink with a purple reflect to it. I work in an office five days a week and bright pinks don’t really suit me, so I will not be picking this up.


This hot pink with a sheer formula is ‘Sheer Anarchy’. I love the sheer formula, it gives such a beautiful finish to the lips and it looks stunning during the summer. I just won’t be purchasing this because personally again I just won’t wear bright pink colours. If that is a colour that you really enjoy I would try this out, as I imagine that this would look stunning on holiday.

This comfort matte lipstick in ‘Pyscho’ is a beautiful hot pink shade. As with the other pinks, this one just isn’t for me.


This is the other metallized lipstick mentioned earlier. It has the same formula and reflect as Amulet except this is a deeper bronze. Personally I don’t think you need both in your collection, so save your money and choose one as they are extremely similar.

The final one is ‘Blackmail’. This is a comfort matte formula and this is the only one that I don’t like the formula on. It was a little patchy to apply, I don’t know whether that was because I had to apply it with a lip brush. However, even when I rubbed my lips together to blend the product it didn’t sit right. I would never wear this sort of black with a purple tint as it would make me look dead, so obviously its a no from me on purchasing it.

That is it, my full review on the lip samples that I had from the Urban Decay Vice lipstick collection. Overall, I love the vice lipstick range from Urban Decay. There are so many colours and finishes that your perfect shade is guaranteed to be discovered. What’s your favourite shade from the collection?

As I have decluttered all of these samples now these will add to the total number of empties for 2017. Making the total 112 items and £396.67! (no money added as these were free samples).

Until the next time,

Lauren x


First Impressions – Hourglass vanish foundation stick

Hey everyone,

I have never done a post like this before but I just woke up this morning so inspired to write a blog post. This first impressions is going to be on the oh so well known Hourglass vanish foundation stick. I have never owned a foundation stick before or a product from Hourglass, shockingly. The brand is so hyped about on YouTube I am surprised I haven’t made a purchase sooner. Just a quick mention to the fact I have dry skin with combination skin in the T-zone and since everyone has different skin types and skin tones, your experience with this product might be different to mine.


It comes in a rectangular box with the classic Hourglass reflective bronze colour and gold writing. The foundation stick itself is a triangular shape and follows the same colour scheme as the box. To dispense the product you take off the cap, twist up the product and apply to your face. The foundation is also in triangular form when you twist it up and the packaging feels quite heavy and luxurious which you would expect from the brand.

Product and Price:

This product contains .25 oz / 7.2g which is a really small amount compared to liquid foundation which contain an average of 1 oz / 30ml. However, stick foundations always have less product than liquid foundations because they are more pigmented. I bought this product from Space NK and it cost me £42.00, making it the most expensive foundation I own. I have the shade Blanc and this is the lightest shade available. Shout out to all my pale girls. Hourglass has a really great shade range in this foundation, with a total of 26 shades, making it so much easier to find your perfect shade.


I applied half my face with my M444 by Morphe Brushes and the other half with my beauty blender. I used the NYX Angel Veil primer for those of you who are interested. I preferred using the brush whilst applying this product more than the beauty blender because it blended it a lot easier. However, I prefer to use my beauty blender underneath my eyes and on my nose for precision reasons. Then I added a little concealer underneath my eyes and set it lightly with a powder.



I really like this foundation; the colour, the packaging and the flawless finish is incredible. Obviously this is my first impressions so I will need to continue to use it to test the wear etc but so far I am so impressed with this product. Do I think it is worth the £42.00 price tag? Yes, especially if you find it hard to get your exact shade like I do. The product just glides on and you can build it up. It is definitely full coverage though so you don’t need a lot to do your whole face.

That completes this first impressions, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know if I should do more first impressions/reviews on my blog in the comments section below. Please click the follow and like button and I can’t wait for you to see my next post, which will be my October empties!


Extra black or so couture? Comparison review


Extra black version

Extra black version

So couture version

So couture version

The L’oreal volume million lashes collection has many different versions. The two I own are the extra black version and the new so couture version.

I recently purchased the so couture version after seeing it advertised on TV profusely and there is only about a month of life left in my all time favourite mascara (the extra black).

Starting with the extra black it has a larger brush (as seen above) and applies on the lashes for a thicker look. However, as most of you ladies know, this means it is easier for the lashes to clump after the first layer of mascara.

The so couture has beautiful purple packaging that reflects the light. It separates the lashes and is more precise than the extra black. It adds more volume and is far better for your lower lashes due to the added precision. 

With both mascaras being jet black and extending your lashes. It really depends on which eyelash look you prefer as to which mascara is better for you. If you put mascara on your bottom lashes then the so couture is for you. However, if you prefer a thicker brush and really black mascara you will love the extra black version.

If you wish to buy these you can get the extra black here.

And the so couture here.

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Until the next time beauts x