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Post 1: #Raisetheroof series

Hey everyone,

I decided to come up with a new series to support my decision, that I mentioned on my Instagram, to curb my spending habits in order to set money aside for a deposit for a house/flat. With this in mind I came up with the idea for this series in which you guys can follow my progress towards my goal. The hashtag idea was pretty simple, I doubt I need to explain the logic behind that to you guys.

Main points of the series:

  • Aim is to raise at minimum a £2o,000 deposit. For a property that at maximum will be worth £250,000.
  • I will have a running total for the deposit in every #Raisetheroof post.
  • I will mention current sales and dupes available to help you guys save money as well.
  • Updates on my property plans and important events in my relationship related to this.
  • And more…

My relationship:

Obviously, I am not going to put too much information out there for reasons such as being respectful and retaining some privacy. However, I have talked with him and he has assured me that I can name him and talk about us for this series. His name is Evan, I have been with him for over 3 years and 4 months and #Raisetheroof is for us to get a property together.

Super Saver example:


Whilst the voucher for this particular super saver has expired, I still wanted to mention it. The O2 priority app has many amazing deals mentioned on it, one of which I redeemed recently. With the app I was able to get a 250ml bottle of Boots Botanics micellar cleansing solution for FREE from Boots. All I had to do was go into Boots, find the bottle, go to the tills and show the code on the app. This saved me £4.49!

Starting total: £554.00




May empties (12)

Its that time again. I know everyone is saying this at the moment but I cannot believe that it is already June. I cannot wait to post my 18th Birthday haul this month (I have a feeling it is going to be a big one). If you guys have any recommendations for products you want me to haul, drugstore or highend, please let me know in the comments.

This month I finished 12 products including make up and skincare. Starting this month I am going to be telling you guys how much these empties cost and how much the total items and price for the year is. This month reached a total of £83.11! For the year so far up to the end of May, I have used up 61 products which came to a total of £294.82!




AVON Ideal flawless cream concealer in fair (£4.00): As you can see I scraped every last bit out of this pot. This is the fullest coverage concealer I have tried out and it stays in place all day. I have even gotten my friend to fall in love with it and she is now on her second pot. I will say that if you have dry under eyes like me, make sure you hydrate the area first before applying because it can cling to dry patches.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin tonic 200ml (FREE): I know what you are thinking, “how the hell did you get that for free?”. Well last year at the Liz Earle counter in Boots, they did an offer where if you purchased two items you received a full size skin tonic for free. Naturally I took full advantage. This feels so good when applied to the skin as it is refreshing and soothing. The scent is amazing as well as this product has cucumber and floral scents to it. If you are hunting for a new toner I seriously recommend that you check this one out.

Biore charcoal pore strips (£9.49): I will definitely be repurchasing these. This pulled everything out of my pores and whilst the strip looked disgusting afterwards there is something oddly satisfying about it. I even used one on my boyfriend to see if there was a variation in the results…I can’t unsee what I saw on that strip. Long story short you need these in your life if you are prone to blackheads on your nose.

Makeup Forever HD foundation in N110 (£29.00): Until recently I wasn’t fond of this foundation at all, it just didn’t apply the way that I wanted it to and it didn’t help that this shade was too pink toned for me. However, I recently started applying it with a sponge instead and have been patting into the skin as I found out that that is how it was designed to be applied (I found that out on YouTube). Ever since then my opinion of this foundation has changed massively. I am going to purchase the Ultra HD stick version in a more neutral/yellow toned shade to see which I prefer.

Maybelline Babylips in Hydrate (£2.99): I love the Babylips range in general because it has regular lip balms, tinted ones and very pigmented electric colours as well. This is the last Babylips in my collection and as mentioned before on my blog, I love these products and I will repurchase when I need a new lip balm. Personally, my favourite one I have discovered so far is the intense care version because it has provided the most hydration.

The Middle ground:

PS…love this 100 oval pads (90p): This is only in this section because lets be honest cotton pads aren’t very exciting. I like these ones because they are cheap and pads themselves are quite large which allows me to take off more product with each one.

Vichy Normaderm cleansing gel (£11.00): I know I have talked about this product before but this is in the middle ground section now because my skin needs have changed. Recently, my skin has been dry combination and this product just dries my skin out too much if I use it on a regular basis. If you have oily blemish prone skin I recommend you have a look at Vichy because this product absorbs my oils really well.

Real Techniques deep cleansing gel (£6.99): I purchased this because I really wanted to take care of my Real Techniques brushes that I own and I had trouble getting all of the product out of them. This did an okay job but it didn’t clean them deeply enough. Do you guys have any recommendations for good brush cleaning products??

REVLON lip butter in Juicy papaya (£7.99): I have reviewed a REVLON lip butter before on my blog and I have come to the same conclusion again. I really like the formula of this product as it has nice pigmentation and is hydrating on the lips. However, I will not be repurchasing one again purely because none of the colour range suit me.

Lancome Hydra Zen moisturising cream sample (FREE): I received this sample when I purchased the Lancome Teint Idole ultra 24H foundation. This is a really nice basic moisturiser with an amazing scent but at £39.50 I am currently conflicted as to whether purchasing the full size is a good idea or not. Thoughts??


Simple spotless skin cleansing wipes (£4.25): I stopped purchasing Simple products because they broke me out and did nothing for my skin. However, my mum purchased these for me so I used up the packet in order to give them a fair shot. My mind is now resolved on this brand and I will never purchase another product from Simple again. This didn’t help with my blemishes, if anything it maintained them. The wipes were also pretty dry so it was quite difficult to get my make up off with them.

AVON 8-in-1 eye palette in not so neutral (£6.50): This was the product for my pan that palette tag on Instagram. The last update I did before this I mentioned that I was just going to hit pan on the brown shade and then toss it. This was a miss for me because 3 of the shades were quite strange, 3 were unpigmented and 2 I really liked. The 3 that were unpigmented were the 3 shades not panned left in the palette. The black turned out grey, strangely enough so did the purple and the bronze needed a lot of packing on the lid. The 2 I really liked were the brow bone shade and the brown I hit pan on because they were pigmented and really easy to blend. Overall, you just couldn’t make a complete look only using the shadows in the palette which is unappealing in itself.

Let me know what you guys think of the new layout of these posts in the comments. Also, feel free to let me know what kinds of posts you would like to see on my blog.

April empties Part 1 (10)


Hey everyone, so this monthly empties has been done in two parts because I have so many products. This post includes all the body care and eye make up products and some other random items.

First item I want to mention is the AVON eyebrow kit in soft brown (£3.50). As you can see I have used all the wax product and hit pan on the powder side. The last update I gave you guys on Instagram showed that this was one of the 3 remaining products in my original project pan; so I am so happy to have finished this. The product itself is okay considering the price but the wax wasn’t strong enough to hold my brows in place all day, and the powder shade is a bit darker than I would like. So I will not be repurchasing.

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese (£5.00) or not so jumbo any more. This is the second project pan item I used up this month. It was time for this to go, it was drying up and the cap is completely cracked. I found this to be a bit of a packaging fault as the cap on the other one of this product I own is cracked slightly as well. I am not going to repurchase purely because I wasn’t drawn to the shade, so it rarely got used. However, I love NYX products so if you find a shade that you love then try it because you get a lot of product for your money.


IMG_2817 AVON Naturals Apple Blossom Shower gel 200ml (£1.35). As previously mentioned in my February empties post, I quite like the AVON shower gels but the scent of the last one wasn’t to my taste. This however smells exactly how like it says on the bottle. Its a really lovely fresh scent, perfect for Spring. I have bought 2 more bottles of this because sadly they recently discontinued this scent.

Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body wash 30ml (Free with purchase). I prefer the formula of this body wash to the AVON shower gel as it is thicker in consistency and has a more luxurious feeling. However, I really hate the scent of this. It gives me a headache, I’m glad its gone. So no I won’t buy the full size.

AVON Luck for her body lotion 150ml (£3.00). I got this in a set with the perfume and body spray of this scent, as AVON usually always does this format three piece set with new perfumes that come out. The scent for the range is bergamot, rose petals and velvet sandalwood. I quite liked this scent in body lotion form because it was more subtle, the packaging is really cute and it moisturises the skin lightly. I won’t repurchase purely because I have more perfumed body lotions from other AVON sets.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes liquid liner in black (£5.29). I have mentioned this previously on my blog so I won’t mention much about it. I still really like it however I have found that liner in pen form is even easier for me to use and who doesn’t want that. So I won’t be repurchasing currently as I am enjoying others.

Maybelline master precise liquid eye liner in black (£5.99). This is the eye liner that took the Glam’Eyes place in my heart. It has a really thin applicator that can get really close to my lash line and its perfect for creating a wing. I will definitely be repurchasing in the near future.

AVON tinted lip balm in pearlescent pink (£3.50). I was intrigued by this because it came in a lipstick tube and was shaped as a lipstick bullet. The product itself was white in colour until applied to the lips, when it became a bright baby pink. For this reason, even though it did a decent job as a lip balm, I will not be repurchasing as that colour doesn’t suit me at all.

Benefit they’re Real mascara in black (£19.50). This is the most expensive mascara I have ever owned and I used to wear it all the time. It really does give you a false lash effect. It is quite difficult to remove but purchasing Benefit’s specific remover is not necessary at all. I have no doubt I will probably repurchase this but I own two sample sizes for the mean time.

AVON Boost it! Waterproof mascara in black (£2.99). This is one of my favourite mascaras ever for lengthening and separation (even though its supposed to be a volumising mascara). The waterproof formula really does hold up and for the price you can’t go wrong. Unfortunately, again this has been discontinued but I did purchase another before that.

That was part 1 of the empties for this month. Stay tuned for part 2. Let me know in the comments if you liked me putting the prices for each item up this time.

Working for Boots

As some of you may know at the end of September, I got employed as a Christmas Customer Assistant at Boots. Since I have been working there for over a month now I thought I would tell all of you what it has been like and give you some tips on how to get a job at Boots yourself.

Tips for applying for a job at Boots:

Firstly to get a job at Boots all the vacancies are advertised on their online jobs website where you will need to create an account to fill out the application form, book your interview time etc.

  1. If you’re my age with no previous retail experience you should apply for a Christmas Customer Assistant job rather than permanent staff. This way you are more likely to get an interview and may be offered a permanent job at the end of the Christmas period.
  2. Apply for a few stores, I applied for three stores before being offered an interview.
  3. Don’t apply for a vacancy that requires more hours than you are capable of doing. I know it sounds basic but a lot of people do it.
  4. Be prepared for your shifts to change, so you have to be flexible with your working hours as temporary staff.
  5. If you have been successful, then they will send you an email to arrange your interview time with an online booking system. Try and reply to all emails as soon as possible.

Tips for the interview:

  1. Wear something smart. You want to make a good first impression on the person who is interviewing you and you will also be required to do some exercises on the shop floor as part of your interview.
  2. Turn up 15 minutes early
  3. Learn about Boots own brands before hand, such as No7 and Seventeen, and their Advantage Card. This will give you more to talk about in your interview.
  4. You will be asked questions based on situations that you may encounter whilst working there and will also be asked to do some exercises on the floor such as trying to sell a product to the person you are being interviewed by. For this exercise think of a product before the interview and learn all the positives about it that you can. Try and make it a Boots own brand product if possible.

After the interview:

You will receive a call from someone at Boots a couple of days after your interview to confirm whether you got the job or not and, if offered the job, which date and time you start. Again if you have been offered the job expect within the next few weeks to receive emails enquiring about information for their records. You MUST reply to these.

On your first day:

Turn up early and go to the place in the store that you are told about on the phone. If you aren’t told where to go, ask for a manager. You will then be given your uniform, locker key and name badge. Next, you will be required to fill out and sign forms and do health and safety training. Finally, you will become part of the operations team. Which deals with stocking and tiding shelves. At a later date you may be till trained by a manager.

I have found that everyone at Boots has been nothing but helpful and supportive. I have really enjoyed working there so far and hope to continue to work there after the Christmas period. As it has really contributed greatly to my confidence levels and helped me make a lot of great friends.

Good luck to everyone who is applying for a vacancy at Boots. I hope you enjoy working there as much as I do.

Seventeen Wow! skin 3 way Highlighter vs L’oreal Lumi Magique primer

I’m finally back after so long. Hopefully, I should be posting more often from now on. I have been using both these products for a long time now; so I thought this post was long overdue.

Firstly, the Seventeen 3 way Highlighter. The bottle says that this product can be used “to prime, add to your foundation or apply onto cheek bones to lift, lighten and wake up your skin with a luminous glow”. This highlighter is a cream colour with shimmer.


The Lumi Magique pure light primer. The bottle says it can be used “alone or under foundation to enhance radiance, or dab onto cheeks and brow bones as a highlighter”. This primer is white that gives a glow without the shimmer.

Seventeen highlighter on the left and L'Oreal lumi primer on the right.

Seventeen highlighter on the left and L’Oreal lumi primer on the right.


Both products claim to be able to be used in the same three ways. The Seventeen product comes in a 30ml container, where as the L’Oreal product is only 20ml. Both bottles are plastic and have a pump. The Seventeen highlighter is £5.99 at Boots and the L’Oreal primer is £9.99 at Boots and £9.99 at Superdrug. So you get less of the L’Oreal product and it is £4 more expensive. On application, I prefer the L’Oreal Lumi primer as a base for my foundation and the Seventeen as a natural looking highlight for my cheek bones. The Seventeen highlighter is better for light to medium skin tones due the shimmer and base colour.

Which one do you prefer?

Until the next time teen beauts x

August Favourites (sorry it is late)

I only have a few favourites from August, due to the fact I have only recently been shopping.

Triple active  day mosturiser, Revlon lip butters and Mac fix + spray

Triple active day mosturiser, Revlon lip butters and Mac fix + spray

The L’Oreal triple active day mosturiser is one I have not strayed from since I picked it at random from the shelves. It hydrates the skin due to its deeply moisturising qualities. I have dry and sensitive skin which is exactly the skin type this product is targeted towards.

The next two are Revlon lip butters in Juicy papaya and Pink Lemonade. These have it all. Moisturising properties and lasting colour. These are £7.99 from places such as Boots and Superdrug. So these products are worth far more than there price.

Finally, the MAC Fix + spray is a product I cannot live without. This multi-purpose product sets your makeup keeping it on all day. Plus, if applied to your eye shadow brush, it can make eye shadow more pigmented so you can use less of the product from the same effect.

Until the next time


Friday night chill outs: Your nails and you

Top: Avon advanced mira-cuticle, Second layer on left: Sally Hansen insta dry top coat, Second layer on right: 24k gold strength and bottom: under nail whitening pencil

Top: Avon advanced mira-cuticle, Second layer on left: Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat, Second layer on right: 24k gold strength and bottom: under nail whitening pencil

Welcome to the first Friday night chill out post. In this post I will tell you the tips and tricks I know to care for your nails.

Firstly, before you gently push back your cuticles, use a cuticle oil/cream to help soften them. I use the Avon advanced mira-cuticle but it is discontinued now. However, Avon does do a cuticle conditioner in a nail varnish container and it is £3 in the Campaign 16 brochure (in the UK. I have no knowledge of outside the UK brochures). Obviously, most other brands do a cuticle conditioner so choose one to your preference and price range.

Next, if you are going for a non-varnished look, a under nail whitening pencil might be the product for you. You place it under the white of your nail and fill it in. This makes your nail look whiter and healthier without the need for varnish. Again, I use the Avon nail perfect under nail whitening pencil but this is also discontinued. However, Sally Hansen, Essie, Rimmel London and more do this product.

The picture on the second layer right is the 24K gold strength by Avon. This not only strengthens your nails but adds a shimmer. Now this can be worn alone or, as I like to do, use it as a base coat to protect your nails from discoloration from your nail varnish. I really like this product because it has the two functions, that I mentioned above, in one bottle. This is avaliable in Campaign 16 at £2.50 in the UK.

Left hand side: Soap and Glory Hand Food, Top right hand side: Barry M nail paint in Atlantic Road and Bottom right hand side: Avon nail experts conditioning nail enamel remover.

Left hand side: Soap and Glory Hand Food, Top right hand side: Barry M nail paint in Atlantic Road and Bottom right hand side: Avon nail experts conditioning nail enamel remover.

Then, apply your nail varnish of choice over your base coat. I love the Barry M nail varnishes as there is a huge shade range and they last a long time on the nail. The nail varnish in the picture above is the Barry M nail paint in Atlantic Road. It helps to apply two coats of nail varnish because this gives you a more opaque colour and with some varnishes if you only apply one coat it can be left streaky. Also, I have found that trying to keep nail varnish on your nails longer keep you from biting them and therefore have aided them growing longer.

You should always apply a top coat to preserve your nail varnish for as long as possible and bring out the best colour and sheen to it. The Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat (the red bottle from the previous set of pictures) ,cannot be raved about enough. It drys quickly and protects my nail varnish giving it a great finish.

When it is finally time to take off your nail varnish use a conditioning nail varnish remover. This means that your nails aren’t harmed by the chemicals in the varnish remover. Again I use another Avon product for this job. The bottom right in the second set of pictures is the Avon nail experts conditioning nail enamel remover. This doesn’t contain acetone which is great because acetone is harmful if inhaled and will dissolve plastic cups it is so strong.

Finally, it seems unrelated as I named this post your nails and you, it is important to care for your hands as well. To do so you need to keep your hands moisturized. I use the Hand food by Soap and Glory. This has a very creamy consistency and leaves your hands smelling good and feeling great.

Hope this post has helped in your pursuit of better nails. I will be posting every Friday night either on here or my Instagram account full reviews and posts. Although, I do tend to post on my Instagram account more. The account name is teenbeautylife and if you like what you read please follow this blog and my Instagram.

Until the next time x