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April empties part 2 (12)

Hey everyone, if you haven’t viewed part 1 of this months empties then go ahead and it view it. This part is focused on make up, hair care and skin care.

Superdrug 100 round pads (£1.00), L’oreal Preference hair dye in natural dark brown (£6.99) and L’oreal Preference high shine conditioner (comes with hair dye): I am mentioning all three of these in one because they have all been in past blog posts a lot, so I will not be reviewing them again.


NYC smooth skin bronzer in Sunny (£3.99). This was the final item in my project pan! In the photo you can see the small bit of pan. It had to go it was so old and orange on my fair skin so you can probably guess my opinion on repurchasing. However, this is a cult favourite for many so it really depends on your skin tone and undertone.

Makeup Revolution pressed powder in translucent (£2.00).  I had high hopes for this after I purchased their blush palette but I guess you get what you pay for. All the writing on the packaging rubbed off within weeks, it contains one of those cheap foam round sponges that I hate and the product itself made my skin look super powdery and I needed to touch up after 2 hours. The only good thing I have to say about it is that I like the concept of the mirror on the bottom.

AVON Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying face mask (£3.00). This mask did absorb all the oil on my face but it didn’t get the dirt out of my pores as I wanted it to. So I want to try a mask that gets rid of dirt in pores and blackheads, anyone got any recommendations???

YESto grapefruit facial wipes (£3.99). I love the scent of these wipes and it takes my make up off really well but I just can’t buy them again. I had the exact same problem as the cucumber ones, they burnt my eyes. So far I have only been okay with the carrot ones. I don’t know if I should bother trying the coconut ones, what do you think??

AVON Luxe lip gloss in elegant gold (£4.50). The reason that this is in my empties post is because it has very obviously expired (smells like glue) and is in my project pan lips edition. I never used this because it had big chunks of glitter in it and was a clear gloss. It is currently being discontinued by AVON and I can’t say I will miss it.

MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed (£17.50). Back when I purchased this I mentioned on Instagram that the formula of this wasn’t very sticky…scratch what I said…its super sticky. As the product has gotten older it has gotten sticker and sticker. As the product begins to fade off your lips the glitter clumps together. Since this one was made in 2013 it has long ago expired. I won’t purchase any dazzleglass ever again.

Una Brennan Super Facialist micellar water 200ml (£6.99). I saw Alessandra Steinherr talk about this on Snapchat and instantly wanted to try it out. This product is really good for removing my face make up but I have the same issues as the Yesto wipes with it. I can’t use it on my eye area as it is too sensitive for it. So unfortunately I won’t repurchase.

Smashbox photo finish oil free primer sample (£5.00). This is a nice primer I just don’t believe it is the right one for me. I am desperate to try out the pore minimising one thought.

Indeed labs Hydraluron moisture jelly (£24.99). This product is talked about so much on Instagram and YouTube. Although I really don’t know why. This did improve my skin a little whilst I was using. However, not enough for the price tag. Maybe the results would of been different with the serum version I don’t know. Do you guys prefer that one??

That is the last post on empties this month, making a total of 22 items! Please let me know what kind of posts you want to see in the future.


April empties Part 1 (10)


Hey everyone, so this monthly empties has been done in two parts because I have so many products. This post includes all the body care and eye make up products and some other random items.

First item I want to mention is the AVON eyebrow kit in soft brown (£3.50). As you can see I have used all the wax product and hit pan on the powder side. The last update I gave you guys on Instagram showed that this was one of the 3 remaining products in my original project pan; so I am so happy to have finished this. The product itself is okay considering the price but the wax wasn’t strong enough to hold my brows in place all day, and the powder shade is a bit darker than I would like. So I will not be repurchasing.

NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese (£5.00) or not so jumbo any more. This is the second project pan item I used up this month. It was time for this to go, it was drying up and the cap is completely cracked. I found this to be a bit of a packaging fault as the cap on the other one of this product I own is cracked slightly as well. I am not going to repurchase purely because I wasn’t drawn to the shade, so it rarely got used. However, I love NYX products so if you find a shade that you love then try it because you get a lot of product for your money.


IMG_2817 AVON Naturals Apple Blossom Shower gel 200ml (£1.35). As previously mentioned in my February empties post, I quite like the AVON shower gels but the scent of the last one wasn’t to my taste. This however smells exactly how like it says on the bottle. Its a really lovely fresh scent, perfect for Spring. I have bought 2 more bottles of this because sadly they recently discontinued this scent.

Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body wash 30ml (Free with purchase). I prefer the formula of this body wash to the AVON shower gel as it is thicker in consistency and has a more luxurious feeling. However, I really hate the scent of this. It gives me a headache, I’m glad its gone. So no I won’t buy the full size.

AVON Luck for her body lotion 150ml (£3.00). I got this in a set with the perfume and body spray of this scent, as AVON usually always does this format three piece set with new perfumes that come out. The scent for the range is bergamot, rose petals and velvet sandalwood. I quite liked this scent in body lotion form because it was more subtle, the packaging is really cute and it moisturises the skin lightly. I won’t repurchase purely because I have more perfumed body lotions from other AVON sets.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes liquid liner in black (£5.29). I have mentioned this previously on my blog so I won’t mention much about it. I still really like it however I have found that liner in pen form is even easier for me to use and who doesn’t want that. So I won’t be repurchasing currently as I am enjoying others.

Maybelline master precise liquid eye liner in black (£5.99). This is the eye liner that took the Glam’Eyes place in my heart. It has a really thin applicator that can get really close to my lash line and its perfect for creating a wing. I will definitely be repurchasing in the near future.

AVON tinted lip balm in pearlescent pink (£3.50). I was intrigued by this because it came in a lipstick tube and was shaped as a lipstick bullet. The product itself was white in colour until applied to the lips, when it became a bright baby pink. For this reason, even though it did a decent job as a lip balm, I will not be repurchasing as that colour doesn’t suit me at all.

Benefit they’re Real mascara in black (£19.50). This is the most expensive mascara I have ever owned and I used to wear it all the time. It really does give you a false lash effect. It is quite difficult to remove but purchasing Benefit’s specific remover is not necessary at all. I have no doubt I will probably repurchase this but I own two sample sizes for the mean time.

AVON Boost it! Waterproof mascara in black (£2.99). This is one of my favourite mascaras ever for lengthening and separation (even though its supposed to be a volumising mascara). The waterproof formula really does hold up and for the price you can’t go wrong. Unfortunately, again this has been discontinued but I did purchase another before that.

That was part 1 of the empties for this month. Stay tuned for part 2. Let me know in the comments if you liked me putting the prices for each item up this time.

Urban Decay Naked Skin one & done hybrid complexion perfector

Hey everyone,

So in my last blog post I mentioned that this was one of the products for Urban Decay that I was trialling to see whether it would support my love hate relationship with the brand. If you haven’t checked out that post, please go ahead before I get into this one. Also, please follow my blog and my Instagram which is linked on it.

Claims from the brand:

  • Optical blurring
  • Luminous finish
  • Paraben free
  • SPF 20
  • Immediate improvement in the look of skin tone that lasts for up to 8 hours
  • Significant improvement in radiance after 12 weeks of use
  • Significantly firmer-feeling skin after 12 weeks of use
  • Visibly smaller looking pores after 8 weeks of use

As you can see this product promises big things, basically everything you could wish for. Therefore, I was so excited to try this product with its promises of smaller pores, SPF, a luminous finish and long lasting coverage. The next aspect of the product that caught my eye was…


The packaging for this product is beautiful. It is a metallic finish bronze to a grey silver ombre tube with a pump to dispense the product. The cap on the pump is silver and has the Urban Decay logo on the bottom of it. With the writing on the tube being silver and white, the entire product looks very sleek and the colour scheme works well together. Overall, I cannot fault the packaging. I love the fact it has a pump as it makes it really easy to dispense onto the back of my hand.

Performance of product:

I haven’t been using the product long enough to assess it against the long term claims. However, I have formed my opinions on three of the claims mentioned above. Optical blurring, luminous finish and immediate improvement in the look of skin tone that lasts for up to 8 hours. This product gives a lovely luminous finish on the skin and provides a good amount of coverage expected for this type of product. I really like the way that it blends so seamless. Also, the ingredients in it are aimed to make it more hydrating so it works well with my dry skin. BUT…

I had been really liking this product until this morning. I purchased the shade light (this is the lightest shade available) and this had been working for me great. Until this morning when it decided to turn bright orange on me. Has this happened to anyone else?? Unfortunately my luck gets worse. Today is the last day to return the product and I cannot get to a House of Fraser today, so I am stuck with it. It doesn’t last 8 hours on my skin either, as my break outs and pores start to show through about 4 hours in even with primer. Anyone own this and have suggestions about the best way to set it??


This product was £25.00 for 40ml and I purchased it from House of Fraser on Oxford Street. As it is part of the Summer Collection stores are getting it in and out of stock all the time.

Overall opinion:

I really like the finish and coverage of this product but it doesn’t last on my skin very well and the colour has just become so orange. I am going to try make this work with my Body Shop lightening drops and attempt to find a better way to set it. Currently, this is in the category for hate of my love hate relationship post along with the Naked 3 palette and Nirvana make your own palette. If I can find a way to make it work in the aspects mentioned then it might be moved to an okay category.


Love Hate Relationship with Urban Decay

I have been meaning to post this for so long it is ridiculous. Anyone who knows me will know that I have a very strong love hate relationship with Urban Decay and I am finally going to tell the story as to why.

In my very early days of getting into highend make up, Urban Decay was always a brand that I thought of highly due to YouTube, reviews and friends telling me I had to have this and that. Most of all one of the Naked eyeshadow palettes. One day when there was a 10% off sale on the Debenhams website, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Naked 3 palette. I was so excited when this product arrived, the packaging was gorgeous and the shades are stunning (bearing in mind my favourite colour is rose gold). I was using this product for about a month but something didn’t quite feel right. I should mention before I progress with this story that my product knowledge of this palette at the time was very limited. Soon after I realised the error with the palette, one of the shades was duplicated. I had two of buzz and no trick.

Of course I then tried to return the palette to the Urban Decay stand as this was a manufacturing error and therefore the returns policy expiration is non  applicable to the situation. Long story short, they didn’t take it back which I was so annoyed about. Apparently I couldn’t because it had been used.

Therefore, I came up with this solution. The two buzz shades next to each other was just angering me, so I smashed the one that was supposed to be trick out. Then, in its place I repressed the gold eyeshadow from the Makeup Revolution Redemption palette Iconic 3 (a dupe for the Naked 3 palette). I am not going to repurchase the Naked 3 palette when it runs out. I have decided I am going to just repress the Iconic 3 palettes shades into the Urban Decay packaging. There is a picture of the two palettes below.


Quite a while later I decided to give Urban Decay another chance and purchased the make your own eyeshadow palette in the Nirvana packaging. I really love the design of the packaging, it is unlike anything else I own. However, Urban Decay let me down yet again with its manufacturing quality. It is a small thing but from a major brand I expect better. The Urban Decay label on the top of the palette is peeling off and I cannot get it to stick back on. The picture below should better explain it. If anyone can tell me a way to fix it please let me know in the comments because I have really tried.

Now the part of the post which explains why it is a love hate relationship because so far I have just explained my hatred. The other Urban Decay products that I own are two single eyeshadows in Laced and Space Cowboy, the Naked basics palette (which my best friend bought me for Christmas), the Naked Skin concealer in Fair Neutral and the Naked Skin one & done hybrid complexion perfector in light from their current summer collection.

The two Naked skin products are really recent purchases and only occurred after my faith in the brand was restored with the Naked basics palette. These other products were what I expected from the brand in the first place. High quality, pretty packaging and great customer service when purchasing. I hope to continue to have good experiences with the brand from now on but the previous incidents will result in me being cautious in future. Also, I will have reviews about the Naked Skin products up on here once I have had longer to use them.

What are your favourite products from Urban Decay? Do you have a brand that you have a love hate relationship with?


March empties (12)

IMG_2713 (1)

This month I managed to finish 12 items and make a lot of progress on other items. I have already finished another 2 items so far this month. I have a feeling that April is going to be a really good month for empties 🙂

Something I would like to mention about all of the products put in my empties posts is that unless otherwise mentioned I scrape every last bit of product out I can of every product. I spend a lot of money on new products to review but I don’t hoard make up or waste it either. Also, every lip product that is mentioned I use every bit of it right down into the plastic inside. Once it reaches the plastic bit I usually depot it into a plastic pot and use a lip brush.

Avon Care cocoa butter hand cream: This was a really big tube of hand cream for me to finish. Especially since I now know I don’t like the scent of cocoa butter. With this said it was really moisturising, so I am going to try out other Avon hand creams.

O.P.I Nail Envy nail strengthener 3.75ml:  I love this nail strengthener so much. My nails do not break once I have applied this and they grow so long. I had half of this bottle left but sadly due to age it became solid and could no longer be used. I will definitely repurchase the full size though.

Sure women Maximum Protection deodorant: When I purchased this it was so expensive for a deodorant and to my shock it didn’t work for me at all. Stupidly I still used the whole item since it was pricey. It just made you smell like a mixture of sweat and berries. I definitely will not be repurchasing.

No7 Quick thinking wipes: This product was in my January empties post but this isn’t the second pack I have gotten through. I have used up at least three packs of these bad boys since I discovered them late last year. I wouldn’t say they are my holy grail make up wipes but I do really like them.

Superdrug cotton wool 100 round pads: Not very exciting and I finished a pack of these before as shown in my last month’s empties post.

Maybelline Babylips in intense care: This is my second finished Babylips of the year, first one was shown in my January empties post, and this one has definitely been my favourite. It is really hydrating and doesn’t really have a scent which was my issue with the last one. I would repurchase but I have so many other lip balms that there is no point.

L’oreal Preference high shine conditioner: Again I am sure I have mentioned this product before on my blog. I love this conditioner a lot, it keeps my hair and colour in good condition and leaves my hair feeling so soft.

Benefit they’re real! push-up liner sample size: This came in the real cheeky party palette and I was really excited to try out this product because I have such difficulty applying eye liner. However, I really disliked this product and I would never pay the £18.50 price tag for it. The product itself came out in clumps on my eyelid, and yes before you guys say it I did the test on the back of my hand thing before applying each time. It flaked off through out the day and yet was impossible to get off. I couldn’t find any benefits to this product.

MAC select cover up in NW15: This was the first product I had ever bought at MAC and my first piece of highend make up ever. This was also a product in my main project pan. I used to use this underneath my eye area because I found it wasn’t full enough coverage for blemishes. However, I found that even for my under eye area it wasn’t the coverage that I wanted so I won’t be repurchasing.

Avon perfectly matte lipstick sample in posh petal: I got this sample from Avon’s newest lipstick range that claims to be more matte than MAC. The formula was very creamy and stayed on a long time, even through drinking. For the price, I say that these lipsticks are really good. Unfortunately, the colour was just too light pink for me and I haven’t been able to find another colour in the range that suits me. Also, since I love MAC matte lipsticks, I can say that they aren’t more matte than MAC. Sorry Avon but its the truth MAC matte lipsticks have a more matte finish. This being said if you don’t like the MAC ones because they are too drying for you, I recommend you try the AVON ones because they don’t dry out your lips.

Listerine cavity guard mouthwash 500ml: I really liked this mouthwash as I believe that it does what it says on the bottle. I have lots of problems with my current fillings and this mouthwash has so far kept them for eroding and being sensitive. I will definitely repurchase this.

Listerine stay white mouthwash 95ml: I saved the worst till last. I bought this because I get natural staining on my teeth and I needed a travel size for my Valentines day stay in London. Thinking this would be great because of the product mentioned above, I tried it. The picture below shows the point at which I had to stop and pour it down the drain. This burnt my gums and hurt my mouth every time I used it. I couldn’t use it for the length of time needed to clean my teeth with it. I was horrified by this product and I will never go near it again.

IMG_2692 (1)




Avon Nutraeffects radiance tinted moisturiser

IMG_2650 (7)

Hi everyone! Today will be a short review on the tinted moisturiser pictured above. Nutraeffects is a new line of skincare by AVON cosmetics, that has different types of products dependant on your skins requirements. They have radiance, balance, hydration and ageless. This radiance tinted moisturiser retails for £4.00 in the brochure. This is a very affordable line of skincare, so I was eager to try it out.


The packaging is fairly simple and provides you with all the necessary information about the product. It is a tube which you open the cap and squeeze the product out of. I have found that it doesn’t give you too much product at once, so you can easily regulate how much product you get.


As you can see in the photo on the left, this is what the product looks like when dispensed from the tube. Therefore, I believed that by tinted moisturiser it meant a moisturiser that gave you a glow. NO. The photo on the right shows what it blends out like. As you can see it is orange and patchy. As the brand only provides one shade for all I am really disappointed. It is not uncommon for brands to only make tinted moisturisers and BB creams that suit darker skin tones. However, I have no clue whose skin tone would make this product work.

I’m really sad about this product because it is actually really moisturising and feels nice on the skin. I just have no way to make this product work for me.


Overall I just don’t see how this product can benefit anyone and would appreciate it if AVON dealt with the issues with this product, because even if this suited someone’s skin tone no one wants a product to leave streaks on their face.


February empties (7)


Sorry this post is a little late but I have had so many assignments to do recently. I am hoping to be publishing at least two more blog posts within the next few days. During February I finished 7 items. Not a bad score but I wish I had made more progress on my project pan items.

Avon natural vanilla & sandalwood shower gel 200ml- The Avon naturals shower gels are affordable at £1.35, but they are usually on sale a lot so they can be cheaper. I did like this shower gel but I just prefer the apple blossom scent instead, as this one smelt too sweet.

Superdrug cotton wool round 100 pads- This came in a pack a three of these, so I got 300 cotton pads for £3! I do like these for putting micellar water on to remove my make up. However, these aren’t as high a quality as the Boots brand ones as they fall apart more easily.

Collection lasting perfection concealer in Fair- This is such a popular concealer on YouTube and it is understandable why. It provide high coverage and lasts a long time. I use this to only cover blemishes as I find it creases underneath my eyes. However, at only £4.19 it is an amazing concealer that I always repurchase.

REN invisible pore detox mask sample- I got this sample with a purchase from Space.NK. I really like this mask when my skin feels like my pores are clogged up or I’m a little oily, as it removes all the excess oil. This product is aimed towards those who have combination to oily skin. So if you have dry skin like me I found it to be most effective when I applied it only to my problem areas. At £19.00 for a 50ml bottle it isn’t the cheapest product out there, so I suggest you try a sample first.

Yesto carrots gentle cleansing wipes (10)- I bought these travel wipes from Boots to take away with me to London for my valentines day weekend, as I didn’t want to take a huge pack. I found these to be a really great size for travelling as they are small enough to put in your handbag or luggage. These wipes removed all of my make up and I prefer these to the cucumber ones because they didn’t irritate my eyes.

Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser 100ml- Everybody and their mum has heard about this product by now so there isn’t much point in me doing a full review. In short, it is an amazing product. You can use it as a cleanser morning and night with a muslin cloth that exfoliates your skin. It can also be used to remove your make up and is gentle on the eye area. It smells just like a natural spa product so it feels really luxurious. I would recommend this to anyone and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Benefit Instant comeback facial serum sample- This serum is clear in colour, has a gel consistency and is very lightweight. It claims to be an age-defying booster serum for the face, as I am a teenager I cannot vouch for the age-defying aspect of this product. However, it is great for dry skin as it creates another moisture layer before my make up. At £36.00 it certainly is not a cheap product but the packaging for the full size is really pretty and if you love Benefit cosmetics I recommend you check it out.

Please check out my Instagram and follow me at teenbeautylife. Also, be sure to like my post and follow my blog. If there are any particular posts you want to see in the future comment below.