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July Empties (15 items)

Hey everyone,

I am getting later and later with these posts as these months seem to be flying by faster each time. There are so many posts I have wanted to put up recently but I just haven’t gotten round to them yet. The next one that will be going up after this is my Project Pan update #3, as I need to show you guys the starting points for the new products that I said I was adding during the Project Pan update #2 post. I forgot to add the REVLON shadow in ‘Sand’ to my totals during that post, so the 1 item and £2.99 will be added to my final totals in this post.

Decluttered products:

All bar one of the products mentioned in this section were decluttered because they had expired quite a while ago (6 months +), therefore these had to be thrown away to avoid putting harmful bacteria on my skin.

AVON Planet Spa volcanic Iceland warming face mask (£3.99) – This product didn’t do anything for my skin at all, it just got hot. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this because it just doesn’t do anything for you.

AVON Planet Spa Indulgent spa ritual chocolate face mask (£3.99) – This expired product is marketed as a moisturising face mask. Whilst this did provide a little moisture to the skin it was a very underwhelming product. The only good thing about it was the scent, this really does smell of chocolate and not a fake chocolate scent either. Overall, I would not recommend this.

AVON Planet Spa Caribbean Escape Illuminating body butter (£5.99) – This is supposed to be good for only 12 months and this is at least 3 years old. I just don’t use body butters or lotions. I just hate moisturising my body, I always have. I know I need to but I just hate the process. If you do like body butters though, this is a good one. It gives your skin this shimmer, that’s the illuminating part, it smells really good and it comes really nicely packaged in this jar. I do think this is a good product but I just don’t like using these types of products myself.

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator (£16.50) – This has a 30 month expiration date which it is probably has 6 months left on. I purchased this because every exfoliator I had used prior to this was far too harsh on my skin. I do agree that it is a gentle exfoliator that does do a good job, but the jojoba beads are what I didn’t like about it. I do like the fact that these aren’t micro-beads but these beads just don’t seem to want to get off my face. I find them everywhere, on my face (even after a deep face wash), on my neck and in my hair! I will not be repurchasing this as I have found cheaper alternatives that I enjoy that are way more hassle free.

Lacoste touch of pink eau de toilette 30ml (£18.00) – When you sniff the bottle of this it smells great but when I actually apply this to my skin it is so strong. I already decluttered the body lotion of this in a previous post because it was even stronger than the perfume. To top it all off this has definitely expired and I will not be repurchasing it.


AVON Naturals Coconut and starfruit shower gel (99p) – I loved using this as it has such a light but fresh and tropical scent to it. AVON does so many different scents in its ranges of shower products that I think once you find your favourite ones, you won’t want to purchase from other brands. This one is definitely my favourite one I have tried and I will repurchase this once my collection has diminished a bit more.

NYX Angel Veil primer (£13.00) – This is one of my all time favourite primers. It is in between drugstore and high end pricing but the quality is definitely high end. It makes your skin incredibly smooth, fills in all your pores and keeps your makeup on all day. I will definitely be picking this up again soon.

AVON Naturals winter nourishment vanilla and golden pear shampoo (99p) – This has the perfect warm, fruity, winter scent that lingers on your hair after the wash. I liked to use this every other wash to re hydrate my hair and I will be picking it up again when it re-releases this winter.

No7 Quick Thinking Wipes (£2.00) – These are my favourite makeup remover wipes as most of you know. Therefore, I will continue to repurchase these when ever I have a money off voucher.

TESCO Everyday value 80 cotton wool pads (£1.00) – I always use the ones from Primark but I ran out and didn’t have time to pick any up. I only get other brands when I don’t have those ones so I won’t repurchase these again as a first choice.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£13.00) – This was a good everyday moisturiser that hydrated the skin but soaked in quickly, making it easy to apply makeup not long afterwards. However, it has a gel like formula which I don’t particularly enjoy as I have very dry skin. Therefore I will not be repurchasing this product. However, if you have combination/oily skin I would recommend trying this product out.

L’Oreal Preference colour extender (FREE) – This stuff is so good, it really makes your colour look like you only did it a couple days ago. You apply this all over, as you would with hair dye, leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it all off. I really like that L’Oreal have added this to their hair dye kit for the Preference range, as it makes your colour look better in between treatments.

Liquid blendercleanser sample (FREE) – I got this free from BeautyBay and I am obsessed with how clean this makes my sponges look and feel. After using both the liquid and the solid cleanser from beauty blender, I can conclude that the liquid is better for sponges and the solid is better for brushes. I will definitely be purchasing the full size bottle of this.

L’Oreal Preference high shine conditioner (FREE) – This product has been in many empties posts, and my thoughts are still the same. I love this conditioner. It leaves your hair smooth and silky and it extends the life of your colour.

That concludes my July empties, I hope you guys enjoyed it. This brings the total number of empties to 141 items and a retail value of £589.10.

Until the next time,

Lauren x


Decluttering by brand #2 ~ Kylie Cosmetics, AVON and Soap and Glory

Hey everyone,

This time I am going to be decluttering from my collection of the brands Kylie Cosmetics, AVON and Soap and Glory. I am going to get one of these posts out a week till I run out of brands I own. I decluttered my collection in one go so that is why some things may turn up in empties in the future before they do in these.

Kylie Cosmetics: I knew starting out that this was going to be a brand that I didn’t get rid of a lot from. I really love Kylie’s products, from the shade range to the packaging to the wear time. The only product I am decluttering is the Koko collection matte liquid lipstick in ‘Khol$’. This is a really warm medium nude shade that I just can’t pull off, so this will be going to my best friend since it has only been worn once or twice.

Collection  before decluttering

To use up and not repurchase

To declutter

AVON: This was a more complex brand for me to deal with, mainly because I owned such a wide range of products from them. I chose to declutter 8 items, 1 to use up and not repurchase category and keep 9 items.

I put the matte liquid concealer in the to use up section because it was too drying for my under eyes but I finished it this month so it will now be decluttered. It has a beautiful natural matte finish that if I had oily skin I would probably repurchase this, but unfortunately with my dry skin it doesn’t look that good for long. The Magix powder is only in the to use up category because it is just an okay product, I don’t know if it is because it is a HD powder or what but it isn’t my favourite.

I decluttered the prep + set spray because it was too alcohol smelling and left my skin feeling super tight. The shimmer brick is at least 3 and a half years old and discontinued by the brand. I had a duplicate of the concealer and the used one was getting rather old. The colourtrend lipstick in ‘adorable’ has been discontinued and had a formula I wasn’t impressed with. Finally the shine burst gloss sticks in ‘Nude shine’, ‘Dragon fruit pink’ and ‘Raspberry glaze’ were decluttered as the nude and raspberry shades had glitter in them that made them gritty and the pink shade was just unflattering on me.

The products I decided to keep were a glimmerstick in ‘cosmic brown’, a brow glimmerstick in ‘brunette’, two shine burst lip glosses in ‘Rose splash’ and ‘Berry splash’, two shine burst gloss sticks in ‘Rose’ and ‘Vivid cherry’, a lipstick in ‘Romance’ and a cream concealer. All the products are ones that I really enjoy and will continue to use regularly. My favourite Avon product that I own is probably the shine burst gloss stick in ‘Vivid Cherry’ as it is super hydrating and such as stunning colour, I own nothing else like it and its only £3.50!


Soap and Glory: This was probably the easiest brand for me to do, as I am decluttering both of these products.

The palette only included two shades that could be used for the crease and they were both purples which wouldn’t work for the other neutral shades. Most of the shadows were okay quality but some were gritty with fall out and little pigment. Overall I wasn’t impressed, I hung on to this palette till now for three shades out of the ten only.

The mini gloss in the shade ‘Rose and shine’ is half used up and about 2 and a half years old. I am not a fan of the tingly lip glosses either so this was a simple decision for me.

The figures:

After decluttering a total of 10 items in this post (plus 1 empty that will be included in my June empties total), this brings the total number for my empties to 122 and the retail value to £444.90.

That is it for this second decluttering by brand post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please follow me here on my blog and on Instagram, that is also ‘teenbeautylife’. June empties and declutter by brand #3 should be up around the end of next week.

Until the next time,

Lauren x

December empties (5 items and decluttering)

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great Christmas/ holiday season and are looking forward to what 2017 holds. As you will see below this month has had the lowest total number of items used up all year. I’ve have an issue with my eye that is preventing me from wearing eye makeup and have been so busy that I haven’t worn makeup much at all this month. Never the less, I am looking forward to setting myself ambitious goals for my blog for during 2017, which I will unveil in a post coming soon named ‘Project pan 2017’.



Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in 001 transparent (£3.99) – This is one of my favourite pressed powders from the drugstore and I already had a backup waiting in anticipation. I can’t really say anything that either myself or a million other people on the internet haven’t before about this product. Just seriously if you haven’t tried it out already, you need to.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask (99p) – I don’t have any new insights to mention about this product, so for a more in-depth look please read my November empties. In short it is the only sheet mask I have ever tried so please recommend some in the comments below, and it does a good job considering it is 99p per sheet.

AVON Magix compact smoothing primer (£7.00) – This was an unusual primer for me as it was a primer in compact form rather than tube or with a pump. However, the texture and the effect it had on the skin were similar to that of many smoothing primers except the product was thicker. It blended out to be colourless and worked well against its claims. However, I really didn’t enjoy digging my finger into the pan with every use and it didn’t apply well with a brush. If you have acrylic nails be warned this is not for you. Since, the product didn’t wow me I will not repurchase as the compact form isn’t for me.

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil in shade 3 (£18.50) – I purchased this in shade 3 because I wanted a product to use when the colour was fading from my hair and I needed something more warm toned. I have loved this product so much that I went out and bought it again the day after I finished. The packaging looks amazing; it is perfect for travel as it has a spoolie (forgive me if that is spelt wrong) on the other end, making it very convenient. I can’t fault this product, so if you haven’t checked out the Benefit Cosmetics brow product line please do. There are lots of different products suited to everybody’s brow preference and shade.

L’Oreal Preference premium colour in 4.01 natural dark brown (£6.99) – This has been in my monthly empties for ages now and this is the first time it has ever let me down. I believe it is due to the fact that they changed the formula of it as it didn’t contain the little oil to mix in with it. Whatever it was I couldn’t get it all out of my hair for 3 washes, it made my hair crunchy, greasy and big clumps were stuck together (yes I washed it well past the point it ran clear). I am really disappointed that this happened and hope I just got a bad bottle, but I will keep you updated on this issue.

That is it for my 2016 empties, I know that my empties posts are the most popular on my blog and Instagram so I will definitely be stepping it up for 2017. Are you ready for the final totals?  The total empties for 2016 are 172 items, which would all retail for a total of £691.19!!!!

Decluttering my nail varnish collection:

After working for the past four months in London I have found I have much less time to write on my blog, post on my Instagram and yes paint my nails. Therefore, I deemed it a little mad to keep 16 bottles (not including base coats etc) sitting on my acrylic rack collecting dust. Therefore, I decided to declutter 1/2 of my collection (8/16). These nail varnishes will be offered to my mum and friends before I throw them away to avoid unnecessary waste.

The nail varnishes that I am decluttering are all by AVON but that isn’t strange considering all but 2 nail varnishes in my collection are from the brand. From left to right I am decluttering the AVON nail varnishes in: Crystalized pink (Stardust), Rose Flash (Colour Attract), Desire, Coral Reef, Siberia (Gel Finish), Ocean Blue, Sea Breeze and Turquoise (Mineral Crush).

I decluttered the shades crystalized pink and desire because I had a least one other shade in my collection that were exactly like them. The shades coral reef, rose flash and turquoise were colours that just didn’t suit me at all. Where as ocean blue, sea breeze and Siberia applied very streaky and opacity couldn’t even be achieved with two coats.

As my final post of 2016 I want to thank all of you for reading my posts and following me. If you have any posts that you want to see in the New Year, please do let me know in the comments.

Until the next time,

Lauren x