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Project Pan Update 1

I bet you all thought I had forgotten about this post. Well it has finally arrived; my first update on the project pan items I selected at the beginning of the year. I started 2017 by choosing 10 products that I wanted to finish/hit pan on and in conjunction with my empties and decluttering posts and my current no buy (which failed 8 days in), I truly believe that this year is going to result in a much more organised and manageable makeup collection.

Lets start with the three single powder eyeshadows.

As you can see I have made quite good progress in this area. The first thing you will have noticed between the before and after photo is that I have hit pan on MAC Vanilla. This took so long. I never realised how much product you get in a MAC eyeshadow. My aim by the next update is to have used most of it, if not all of it, up. As it is a basic whitish bone shade I feel it is an essential eyeshadow but I don’t believe that you need to spend £10 on this shade.

When I started my 2017 project pan, the Revlon Shadowlink in Sand was already showing pan. This has expanded quite a bit, which I am super happy about. I generally use this shade as an inner corner highlight or all over the lid. I love these light champagne shades its just that this one is really old and the glitter is a little chunky for my current tastes. This is one that I am hoping to finish up by next time.

Disappointingly, I have made no progress on the Revlon Shadowlink in Melon. As it is so old and I haven’t even used it in the past 4 months, I am going to declutter this eyeshadow. I don’t like to declutter products that are this unused but I have had it for so long and I just don’t envision myself using it in the future.

I am loving using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Cameo, as the coverage is perfect for everyday wear. I have no doubt that I will repurchase this but I think next time I will try another shade as it is a little pink for my taste. By the next update I am pretty sure this will be used up. The Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Cricket, is another story. A little progress can be seen, however I am finding it extremely difficult to get use out of this shade since it isn’t exactly office appropriate. Nevertheless I love the product so I don’t mind it sitting in my collection a while longer.


The only real progress that has been made with these is the Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in 725 Tantalizing Taupe, that has been officially used up. This was one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks which I have no doubt I will repurchase. The other two products don’t appear to have changed much, but I am hoping by the next update that things will be different. Although I highly doubt that there will be another finished lip product by the next update, one can always hope.


Something I have discovered over the past couple of months is that the LA Girl Pro Conceal is never ending. I used this for a period of time everyday and there is no difference. The Sleek contour kit in light is doing well; I still couldn’t hit pan on the contour side. You can see the dip in it but I have no idea how long it will take to use it up.

That is it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please follow my blog and Instagram if you haven’t already. I am going to be doing monthly updates from now on if you want to see what progress I make on these items. I haven’t decided yet when I am going to add items to my project pan or what those will be or how many, so please stay tuned for that.

The decluttered shadow and the used up lipstick means that there are only 8 products in my project pan now. These two items will be mentioned more in depth in my April empties which will be posted in the first week of May.

Until the next time,

Lauren x

Project Pan 2017

Hey everyone,

Happy 2017, I hope it is going well for you. 2016 was full of amazing makeup releases, major life events and many posts on my blog that I hope inspired at least one of you. With series such as monthly empties and #Raisetheroof, which will be continued this year, my blog became very much focused on using products up and getting the most for your money. With the amount of support I have received from all of you, I intend to create some very exciting content this year.

Main targets:

Before I get into the specifics of this post, I want to lay out my main aims for 2017 in relation to not only my project pan/empties but my Instagram and blog as a whole.

Last year, I reached 100 followers on my blog and approx 660 Instagram followers. This year I want to reach 250 blog followers and 1000 Instagram followers. Also, I want to post an average of once every 3 weeks. I know this seems low but I am up to my neck in work and accounting exams, so I deem this to be realistic.

Project pan targets:

Whilst I love to collect makeup, and that isn’t going to change, I believe it is important to use items up so as you aren’t hoarding expired products.

In 2016 I managed to reach 172 items with a retail value of £691.19. This year I want to reach 250 empties, which would be an average of 21 items a month!

Project pan items:

  • MAC eyeshadow in ‘vanilla’
  • Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks in ‘Sand’
  • Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks in ‘Melon’
  • Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser in ‘Cameo’
  • LA Girl Pro.conceal in ‘porcelain’
  • Maybelline lipstick in ‘tantalizing taupe’
  • MAC Toledo collection lipglass in ‘Oxblood’
  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in ‘Cricket’
  • Stila Stay all day liquid lipstick in ‘Perla’
  • Sleek Contour Kit in ‘light’

I will be posting small updates at the end of each month so as you can watch my progress.




Until the next time,

Lauren x

Empties 2016 tracker

You have probably realised by now that I am absolutely obsessed with skincare, make up and fragrance. Whilst that is beneficial to you guys who I do reviews for and those who view my Instagram account, it doesn’t benefit my purse. So this year I decided to become super dedicated to using up my products and purchasing less. This is easier said than done. I feel as though every time I enter a shop that sells make up I have to purchase something. You guys understand the struggle.

I also wanted to see how many products I was using up per year, what sort of products I used up the most and how much it all cost. So, in January this year, I create a list of all my empties. As shown in the picture below:


Explanation- Each time I finish a product I write down the date, full name of the product, whether it was a project pan item (as shown for first product on list (PPL) that was a project pan lips item), and how much it cost me. At the bottom of each page I will have a running total of the amount of items I have used up and how much it all cost.

I have found that this has given me a better insight into how effectively I have used my money and makes me think about future purchases more. If any of you are currently doing empties challenges or project pans then I strongly recommend that you try doing this to keep track.

How to project pan

Some of the most liked photos on my Instagram are those including my project pan items and empties. So today I will be teaching you my tips for a successful project pan.

Project panning is a way to use up selected makeup items and declutter your makeup collection. Giving you a more space to try new items and helping you realise which products you like the most. It also encourages you to use more of your makeup items up completely.

First Stage: Throw out or giveaway

Now this isn’t actually a stage of project panning but it will help you clear out unnecessary items in your makeup collection. Go through your makeup collection and pick out all the products that are completely the wrong shade for you, items you never use because you really dislike them and the products that are incredibly old and out of date. Then, either throw them away or give them to a friend or family member.

Second Stage: Choose your project pan items

Now these items will preferably be products that you won’t repurchase, items that are on the older side or products that you have more than one of. This way, when the items are used up, it will provide you with more space and leave you with products that you all love.

To help keep you motivated, write a list of these products and tick them off when they are used up or join Instagram and post your progress. I have been so surprised at how much project panners motivate and support each other.

Third Stage- Reward yourself

This stage is also optional. Decide on a reward such as a new lipstick or an eye shadow palette you have really been wanting, which you can go out and buy once you have used up your project pan items. This will more likely keep you on track and motivate you to use the items up due to their being a reward at the end.

For example, when I have finished my #100daysofempties and at least one more of my project pan items (I have completed 5/10 so far), then I will make my first ever Sephora online order.

Proof it works:

Below are the latest pictures of my project pan progress:

image (11) - Copy

image - Copy (8)