November empties (14 items)

Hey everyone,

I know this post is super late but hey at least it is all in one post this month. I am actually not too happy with my progress this month on using up products and so far December has been pretty poor as well. I have just been buried in work lately, so I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup.


Garnier Cleansing wipes Goodbye Dry… (Normal to Dry Skin) (£2.19) – From my October empties you will know I was not impressed with the previous pack of makeup wipes from Garnier. So I purchased a different type from their range and I don’t like these either. Whilst these remove makeup a lot better than the other pack that I purchased, these wipes stink. The scent is so strong that I don’t recommend these to anyone with sensitive skin. It smells really fragranced and chemically that I don’t ever want to put those on my face again. Sorry Garnier but I speak the truth.

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask (99p) – This is the first tissue mask I have ever tried and I purchased this because I saw so many pictures on Instagram of people wearing it. I have really dry skin so I thought this would be great to try out and I think for 99p this tissue mask is really good. So much so that I may or may not have purchased three more. The mask itself is drenched in product so I would put this on in the bathroom to avoid getting any on your bedroom carpet. Personally, I am glad that it has that much product on it because I was concerned that the tissue mask itself would absorb a lot of the product. Overall, I recommend this for people with dry skin. Don’t purchase this if you have combination to oily skin because you will not enjoy it at all.

PS…Love this 100 oval cosmetic pads (90p) – This is in nearly every monthly favourites post I do, you guys know everything about these by now so all I will say is that I have no plans to stop purchasing these.

Tesco 50 Oval Cotton Wool Pads (£1.20) – I only got these because I completely ran out of the Primark ones and I couldn’t get to a Primark for ages to replace them. I won’t be repurchasing these because it doesn’t make sense to me to spend more on cotton pads.

AVON Pure Oasis Green Tea & Mint hydrating shower gel (£1.00) – This was a really nice shower gel with a good price point. I recommend this if you are really into that green tea scent, although it says mint on the bottle it only has an edge to it. I won’t be repurchasing purely because I have so much shower gel and I prefer other scents to this.

AVON ANEW VITALE day cream sample x2 (FREE) – Again I have reviewed this in two of my previous monthly favourite posts, so I won’t be reviewing it again.

AVON super-extend liquid eye liner in brown (£3.50) – I purchased this because I really like the black version but this one really didn’t do it for me. I like the shade of it but it isn’t very pigmented, as in you can see your skin through it its rather strange. Almost, as if it was starting to dry up the moment after you purchased it. Safe to say I won’t be repurchasing this product.

Boots Botanics micellar 3 in 1 cleansing solution (FREE) – I got this free through O2 priority ages ago and I mentioned it in a #Raisetheroof post (I really need to get back to doing that series). It was good at removing my makeup but I just prefer Bioderma to it, I haven’t found a micellar water that tops it yet. What micellar waters do you guys recommend??

Rimmel London Fresher Skin foundation in 100 ivory sample (FREE) – I really like the finish that this product gave my skin, obviously this sample was a colour too dark for my skin (only by one shade). So I used the Body Shop Lightening drops to make it work. Will I purchase the full size? Not currently as I have far too many foundations and I would have to check the shade below that matches me. I would definitely go swatch it at the drugstore if you are looking for a light coverage affordable foundation.

OSKIA London Renaissance 360 Anti-Ageing & Brightening Supreme Cream sample (FREE) –  This was quite a nice moisturiser but there is no sense in me purchasing a £65.00 anti-ageing cream at age 18. Plus, £65.00 is a massive amount to pay for a moisturiser especially when it only contains 40ml of product! With skincare everyone’s opinion varies massively so please get a sample of products before you purchase them. Especially ones that are this expensive.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (£20.00) – I heard so many people rave about this eye cream, so I ran out to purchase this after I finished my Benefit one. I must admit that I don’t get the hype at all. It doesn’t hydrate my eye area as much as I wanted it to. When you try to rub in the product it creates a weird slippy texture that I cannot really explain. It is almost as if when you rub your finger over the area, your finger will slip along so far and then got caught and repeat. Therefore, I am definitely not going to repurchase this product.

YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum sample (FREE) – I was so sad to finish this because I love this perfume and it is extremely expensive. When I have finished some other fragrances I will have to purchase this because I am obsessed. The scent is sweet yet seductive, I can’t fault it.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream sample (FREE) – I really didn’t like this product at all. When I originally saw that this had quite a thick consistency I was really excited because I thought I had found a great night cream for my dry skin. Firstly, I can’t describe how it smells but its bad. Not in a chemical or fragrance way but an off oat porridge way. Secondly, the texture is horrible it feels kind of waxy and it has bits and chunks in it every so often. Thirdly, it takes so long to sink it! You can’t put this on in the morning if you want to put makeup on anytime soon. It also costs £25.50 a tub so no thank you. This is on the Cult Beauty website with rave reviews and is used by big celebrities, which confuses me I must admit, but it proves that we all have very different opinions especially when it comes to skincare. Also, it says on the website that when you rub your hands together it should take the form of an oil which never happened for me so maybe I got a bad sample.

At the end of November the empties total is 167 items. Bringing the product price total to £653.72.

That is the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed it. I know I still need to do part 2 of the Kylie Cosmetics brand review but I honestly don’t know when that will be up as I will need to take lots of photos for it and I want to get it right.

Until the next time,








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