October Empties Part 1 (12 items)

Hey everyone,

I know I am behind a little on my blog posts but I have been so busy at work lately it is insane. Again, this post will be in two parts as I have a lot of empties to give reviews on. Unfortunately, this month I used up a lot items that were either okay or I didn’t like but I am glad that I have used up a lot of samples because the amount started to become overwhelming.


L’Oreal Preference high shine conditioner (FREE) – You would have seen this product in a lot of my empties posts throughout the year, as this is the conditioner that comes in my hair dye kit. It just leaves my hair so soft, it smells great and maintains my hair colour really well.

Carex Protect + Plus original refreshing hand gel (£1.00) – Since I commute to work 5 days a week hand sanitiser is a must, especially during the winter months. I always make sure to have a bottle in bag to help reduce the risk of me becoming ill. I believe this is an essential for any traveller.

Carex Complete refreshing soft cleansing wipes (£1.00) – These are another must for me. I have two uses for this product: to clean my acrylic storage and desk top and to wipe my hands if I can see visible dirt on them. I use the hand sanitiser generally on my hands but if I got some dirt on them from a railing or something I will use the wipes to remove it. I really like using it on my storage because it is quick and easy and removes a lot of the bacteria from the surfaces.

NYX eye/eyebrow pencil in 901 black (£2.95) – As you can see this isn’t an empties but I decluttered it from my collection because I have had it for over 2 years. I kept it for so long believing I had to have a black pencil eyeliner in my collection, but I just don’t use pencil eyeliners. If I want to put a colour in my water-line I will use a glimmerstick as it is far more creamy than a pencil eyeliner. So I won’t be repurchasing this product, not because it is a bad eyeliner but because I just don’t use that type of product.

Eos berry lip balm (£6.50) – I don’t know the exact name of this eos lip balm but I took a guess based off of the scent. I do like eos lip balms but I am not liking them as much as I used to when I started blogging. I think the uniqueness of it being a spherical lip balm clouded my judgement for a while. Whilst I do like them and the range of scents they have, I have just found better and more affordable alternatives. Therefore, I will not be repurchasing this product.

AVON ANEW VITALE day cream sample x6 (FREE) – Last month I managed to use up 8 of these samples and this month I used up 6, I am pretty proud of that. Can’t believe I still have more aha. My review is pretty much the same as last time, so if you want to look at my review of this product please refer to my September empties part 1.


Garnier Simply Essentials cleansing wipes for sensitive skin (£2.19) – I really don’t like these wipes at all. This product claims it “removes make-up without rubbing” which couldn’t be less true. The wipes have a rough texture and the product on them takes a while to remove your make-up. Overall, I don’t think that this is good for sensitive skin and I won’t be repurchasing as it was too much work to remove my make-up.

That completes the review section of this post, sorry it was a bit more negative than normal but I am not going to fake my views purely to create a positive post. The total number of items for 2016 so far is 146 and the total price is £582.96! 

If you want to find out what those numbers are at the end of October, then you can in my October empties Part 2 coming very soon. Other posts to look out for are Kylie Cosmetics Review Part 2 – Lip kits and Kylie Cosmetics Review Part 3 – The Burgundy palette, just to name a few that are in progress.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I will see you all next time.

Lauren x


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