NikkieTutorials Made Me Buy It!

Hey everyone,

When I was contemplating on how to write my YouTube made me buy it tag, I realised that a lot of products were due to certain YouTubers. I thought it fitting to create an entire series based on this, including a general YouTube made me buy it post, starting with probably my favourite YouTuber. She is a pale glowing goddess whose Halloween tutorials this year have been killer. Please check her out if you haven’t already, her Snapchat is hilarious by the way.


NikkieTutorialsxTooFaced collab ~ Of course being a fan of Nikkie I had to get her collaboration with one of my favourite brands, Too Faced. The collection included a palette with 9 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter in it, a mini better than sex mascara in a limited edition purple shade, a glamour dust in Glitterally, a deluxe sample of the shadow insurance and a full size sketch marker eyeliner in black. You got such an amazing amount for your money with this collection and the eyeliner has now become a favourite of mine. There wasn’t anything I really didn’t like in this collection and it was limited edition. I know it is sold out in the UK but you might still be able to get it in the US, I don’t know.


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Kristen ~ Whilst the other lip kits that I own weren’t inspired purchases by any YouTuber, this shade certainly was. Nikkie did a Kylie Jenner lip kits first impressions and swatches video not that long ago and one of the shades she swatched on her lips was Kristen. As soon as I saw it on her I knew I had to have it, so I placed an order for it the same time as the burgundy palette launched. It is the shade that Nikkie is wearing in the photo above. It is a stunning more muted pinky red that is so wearable, it isn’t patchy and lasts a really long time. The other lip colour I am planning on buying from Kylie because of that same Nikkie video is Posie K. With Kristen and Posie K I was worried they would be too bold for my skin tone but after seeing them on Nikkie they became a must.


MAC pigment in Kitschmas ~ This product wasn’t actually spoken about on her YouTube channel but on her Snapchat instead. Nikkie swatched this pigment and mentioned she also used it as a highlighter and I knew I had to have it in my collection as it is so unique. If you are looking to purchase this product then it is only available at MAC Pro stores, I bought mine at the MAC store in Covent Garden. It is such a beautiful sparkly lavender pink shade that I know will be put to good use.


NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm ~ This is a product that is really hyped on YouTube and after seeing Nikkie use it in several videos I knew I had to try it out. Since Nikkie really likes a full face of makeup I knew the primer had to be able to hold up in order for product not to wear off or fill into pores. I think you get a great amount of product for your money and it is very lightweight. Therefore it isn’t my favourite primer because I prefer something a little thicker for its pore filling and smoothing properties. However, I do really like this because the glycerine makes the foundation stick to it as it creates a tacky finish. This is definitely better suited to those with normal to oily skin but I have really dry skin and can use it, I just can’t use it every single day. Obviously, it smells like a men’s product but I don’t find that off putting.


The Nubian palette by Juvia’s Place ~ I had heard many good things about this palette on Instagram and YouTube from various people but didn’t fancy spending lots on shipping for only one item. Nikkie mentioned this on her channel in her August Hits and Oh God Nos video and after that I was sold. I went on the website and there was a sale on so that helped to reduce the damage to my bank account. I love this palette so much, the pigmentation is amazing and it has a beautiful range of warm toned shades in it. The shadows blend like a dream and I even used one shade as a highlight (as per Nikkie’s suggestion). You can get this palette on the Juvia’s Place website, it is currently out of stock but keep an eye out on their Instagram for re-stock information. NikkieTutorials has a coupon code for 10% off on the website, just use the code: Nikkie.


Sleek Solstice palette ~ Every YouTuber loves this product and although it was Jaclyn Hill that originally talked about this palette, it was Nikkie that made me empty my purse. Although thankfully for my purse this palette only cost £9.99 at Superdrug which is crazy for such a beautiful product. This palette contains four stunning pigmented shades, 3 powder and 1 cream. The reason that Nikkie convinced me to purchase this rather than anyone else is because she and I are very similar skin tones. You guys must have this where you see a YouTuber obsessing over a highlighter and when you go to swatch it in store it is way too dark for you. That is what I was worried about but after seeing Nikkie expressing the same concerns before she ordered it, in her June Hits and Oh God Nos, and then seeing it on her skin I was practically out the door. Well after I regained my sight after being blinded by that glow.


Products I am going to buy because of her:

  • Makeup Forever HD stick
  • Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder “Medium”
  • Artist Couture Diamond glow powder in Coco Bling
  • Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

There are many more products I could talk about that I am planning on purchasing because of her but these are the ones that I am dying to get my hands on. If any of you watch her channel you will know that she loves all of the products mentioned in that little section above. I hope you guys enjoyed this post I am trying to incorporate different types of things into my blog lately. The other posts in this series are going to be: YouTube made me buy it, KathleenLights made me buy it, Jeffree Star made me buy it and lots more.

***Disclaimer: Only the photos of the Sleek palette, the Nubian palette and MAC pigment are taken by me. The rest are various photos I got from Google. All credit for those photos go to their rightful owners.***


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