Post 2: #Raisetheroof series

Hey everyone,

If you haven’t seen post 1 of this series please go and check it out, because it fully explains the thoughts behind this series and what to expect in these posts. In this post I will be mentioning an affordable dupe for some high end lip products, some current makeup shopping saving opportunities and a Benefit Cosmetics Brow Party I attended.


My mum bought me two lip products recently when we were at the pharmacy, from the brand Rimmel London. The first item is from the Lasting Finish by Kate 15 year collection in the shade 55 My Nude. This lipstick is just the perfect every day nude shade for me and the rose gold packaging is so beautiful. Although, I must be honest I still don’t like the scent of Rimmel lipsticks. Why am I mentioning this product in this series? Well, this collection is currently £6.49 each at Boots which is very affordable for a lip product and some Rimmel London products are also buy 1 get a 2nd half price. So click here to view the collection.

As I don’t usually purchase items from Rimmel London, the reason I became so interested in these lipsticks originally was that my pharmacy was selling these for £4.49! I don’t know if other peoples local pharmacies do this but I have noticed that at the Rimmel stand there will usually be products in the centre with money off stickers on them. The products aren’t old or damaged either. So since my mum bought me this product I saved £4.49.

The second item that my mum purchased for me was the Exaggerate lip liner in 063 Eastend Snob; which saved me £3.99. I really like this lip liner because it is creamy, pigmented and doesn’t drag on my lips which is important for me. My original interest in this product stems from the fact that it is an affordable dupe for multiple highend lip products. After doing some research I found out that it is a highly well known dupe for Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow Talk. With a £12.01 difference in price it certainly makes you think twice before purchasing the highend product. This lip liner is also supposed to be a dupe for a few MAC products such as Pink Plaid lipstick but I couldn’t find that much information on it honestly. However, if you are interested in the Rimmel product I have insert a link here and it is also in the selected offer mentioned earlier. I have also put in a link here to view someone else’s picture to show you guys the comparison between Pillow Talk and Eastend Snob.

Saving opportunity:

The offer on O2 priority this time is ‘Pick up a Free ‘7th Heaven’ facial mud masque sachet’ from Boots. This offer saves you £1.00. So if this is a brand of mask that you usually purchase, go ahead and use the offer on the app whilst it is available.

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Party (Marie Claire Reader Event):

On 4th August I attended the event on the Good Ship Benefit, which is docked near Embankment station on the Thames river. It was £10 a ticket for which both myself and my best friend purchased online through Eventbrite. The event ran from 6:30-8:30pm and you got a lot of opportunities for your money. Firstly there were four hairstylists from GHD that would style your hair for FREE and you could enter a contest to win a pair of platinum straighteners, there were people from Nails Inc doing peoples nails for free, you could get your brows done for free by Benefit employees, you got a free glass of bubbly, there were brow master classes and you got 10% off all Benefit products that night. At the end you also got a goody bag with a £10 voucher for Nails Inc services, a Marie Claire September issue and a full size they’re real mascara! Safe to say it was definitely worth the money. With the 10% off discount I purchased the Roller Lash mascara at £17.55 rather than £19.50; which saved me £1.95.

If any of you guys hear about these events in the future please go to them, you will not regret it.

Running total for property deposit: £574.00.


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