Post 1: #Raisetheroof series

Hey everyone,

I decided to come up with a new series to support my decision, that I mentioned on my Instagram, to curb my spending habits in order to set money aside for a deposit for a house/flat. With this in mind I came up with the idea for this series in which you guys can follow my progress towards my goal. The hashtag idea was pretty simple, I doubt I need to explain the logic behind that to you guys.

Main points of the series:

  • Aim is to raise at minimum a £2o,000 deposit. For a property that at maximum will be worth £250,000.
  • I will have a running total for the deposit in every #Raisetheroof post.
  • I will mention current sales and dupes available to help you guys save money as well.
  • Updates on my property plans and important events in my relationship related to this.
  • And more…

My relationship:

Obviously, I am not going to put too much information out there for reasons such as being respectful and retaining some privacy. However, I have talked with him and he has assured me that I can name him and talk about us for this series. His name is Evan, I have been with him for over 3 years and 4 months and #Raisetheroof is for us to get a property together.

Super Saver example:


Whilst the voucher for this particular super saver has expired, I still wanted to mention it. The O2 priority app has many amazing deals mentioned on it, one of which I redeemed recently. With the app I was able to get a 250ml bottle of Boots Botanics micellar cleansing solution for FREE from Boots. All I had to do was go into Boots, find the bottle, go to the tills and show the code on the app. This saved me £4.49!

Starting total: £554.00




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