Favourite celebrity makeup looks

When I think of my favourite celebrity makeup looks, I instantly think of certain celebrities whose makeup I always love. This post is going to include photos of some of my favourite celebrity makeup looks and explain what makes them stand out to me.

Keira Knightley:

Above are two very contrasting makeup looks on the stunning Keira Knightley. These are two of my favourite makeup looks because the one on the left is natural makeup with a smokey eye, and the other is more bold with a red lip and bronze eye. Keira is also involved with the brand Chanel, which is the brand of makeup she is wearing the second photo.

Candice Accola: 


This photo is from The Vampire Diaries where Candice Accola plays Caroline Forbes. This is a favourite celeb makeup looks of mine because the makeup artist made her makeup darker for a fewer episodes to represent her struggle and change of character. All the makeup on the show is done so flawlessly that I love tonnes of Candice’s looks; and I love that makeup can be used not only to display a character to an audience but to express yourself to others.

Angelina Jolie:


One of the most amazing actresses in my opinion. This photo is from the film ‘The Tourist’. Angelina pulls off such a classic red lip amazingly and her entire look is so glamorous, from the eye look to the earrings.

Kylie Jenner:


Last but not least, this is a woman who needs no introduction. She owns her own makeup company and has the makeup community using terms such as “a Kylie Jenner look” or “Kylie Jenner lip”. I love this makeup look because it is a look I would gladly wear everyday. The colours and tones are so signature to her which makes it such an individual celebrity makeup look.

What are your favourite celebrity makeup looks?

**Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine. All credit goes to their owners.**


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