6 brands – cruelty free and great quality

In this post I am going to mention 6 different brands that are cruelty free and produce great quality products. It is a personal preference of makeup users as to whether they use brands which are cruelty free or not. However, more and more people are choosing to declutter their makeup collection and purchase cruelty free brands. Until I did my research I had no idea how many well known brands test on animals. MAC, Kiehl’s, Dior, Guerlain etc. Personally, I own a lot of makeup that isn’t cruelty free but now with the knowledge that I have I do second guess myself before making a purchase. Therefore, the aim of this post is to provide you guys with information on great brands that are cruelty free should you be interested in switching your purchasing habits.


Drugstore brands:

If your budget limits you to drugstore brands then it doesn’t mean that you can’t shop cruelty free. It is more difficult to shop cruelty free in the UK because most of the brands available at the drugstore are owned by L’oreal or are named by PETA as those that test on animals. However, the three below are all high quality and very affordable.

  • Makeup Geek – Whilst this isn’t available at the drugstore, it is easily acquirable on the internet. I purchased products from this brand from BeautyBay. I love purchasing from BeautyBay because the products arrive really fast and it is free delivery on orders over £15.00. Makeup Geek is well known for its single eyeshadows and blushes, which are both very affordable at £4.95 for an eyeshadow and £7.95 for a blush. With 92 shades in just the regular eyeshadow range on BeautyBay, you are spoilt for choice and can create every eye look imaginable. As I am sure you guys know, from YouTube, their products are highly pigmented and very blendable. So if you are looking for a way to build your cruelty free collection, please check this brand out. Click here to view the range.
  • NYX Cosmetics – Not that long ago, NYX became available in the UK in Boots stores and Selfridges. This brand’s products have the cruelty free logo on them, which means that PETA has certified them as cruelty free. The best products by NYX, in my opinion, are the butter glosses and the angel veil primer. Their lip products come in a wide range of shades and finishes and with the butter glosses costing only £5.00, you can afford more than one.
  • Sleek – This is a UK brand that I personally love for their blushes and matte me liquid lipsticks. Their blushes are highly pigmented so you get a huge amount of product for your money, the shade rose gold is a great dupe for NARS orgasm blush. The matte me lip products range was recently added to, to include berry shades. They are long lasting and apply smoothly, so check out the range for cruelty free liquid lipsticks at £4.99 each.

High end brands:

For those of you that like to indulge in high end makeup, the three brands mentioned below are all cruelty free and I recommend each of them highly.

  • Becca – This brand is renowned for being cruelty free, but a lot of their products are also vegan. Some of the products that are vegan are: Shimmering skin perfector pressed in Opal, Moonstone, Champagne gold, Topaz, Pearl and Blushed copper, Ever matte pore perfecting primer, Mineral blush in Wild honey, Sweet pea, Lantana, Nightingale and more. With Becca being a recognised brand for high quality and standards, if you guys are looking for a brand that is cruelty free and has vegan products then this is the one for you.


Photo Source: Technocupcake.com

  • Too Faced – The brand has had many recent launches including the Born this way concealer and sketch marker liquid eyeliner. Known for their innovative ideas and collaborations with those famous in the makeup industry, Too Faced is a cruelty free brand that I love. If you guys love adorable packaging, high quality, buttery eyeshadows and long lasting lip wear check out the Too Faced range either online or at Debenhams.
  • Urban Decay – This brand is famous for its eyeshadow palettes, with a range from bright colours to rose gold to smokey shades. Whilst I have had issues with the brand in the past I have fallen in love with the Naked skin concealer, Vice lipsticks and Naked Basics palette. Urban Decay has a wide product portfolio to suit everyone’s taste including the recently launched 100 vice lipsticks that are cruelty free, pigmented and reasonably priced at £15.00.

What are your favourite cruelty free ranges??


3 thoughts on “6 brands – cruelty free and great quality

  1. Sophie Livingston

    I’ve just decided to go cruelty-free with my makeup. I wrote a blog post where I went through my makeup bag to check how many of my items are cruelty-free – I was so shocked with the results! I’m not on the look out for cruelty-free brands, so thanks a lot for your recommendations! 🙂


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