Love Hate Relationship with Urban Decay

I have been meaning to post this for so long it is ridiculous. Anyone who knows me will know that I have a very strong love hate relationship with Urban Decay and I am finally going to tell the story as to why.

In my very early days of getting into highend make up, Urban Decay was always a brand that I thought of highly due to YouTube, reviews and friends telling me I had to have this and that. Most of all one of the Naked eyeshadow palettes. One day when there was a 10% off sale on the Debenhams website, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Naked 3 palette. I was so excited when this product arrived, the packaging was gorgeous and the shades are stunning (bearing in mind my favourite colour is rose gold). I was using this product for about a month but something didn’t quite feel right. I should mention before I progress with this story that my product knowledge of this palette at the time was very limited. Soon after I realised the error with the palette, one of the shades was duplicated. I had two of buzz and no trick.

Of course I then tried to return the palette to the Urban Decay stand as this was a manufacturing error and therefore the returns policy expiration is non  applicable to the situation. Long story short, they didn’t take it back which I was so annoyed about. Apparently I couldn’t because it had been used.

Therefore, I came up with this solution. The two buzz shades next to each other was just angering me, so I smashed the one that was supposed to be trick out. Then, in its place I repressed the gold eyeshadow from the Makeup Revolution Redemption palette Iconic 3 (a dupe for the Naked 3 palette). I am not going to repurchase the Naked 3 palette when it runs out. I have decided I am going to just repress the Iconic 3 palettes shades into the Urban Decay packaging. There is a picture of the two palettes below.


Quite a while later I decided to give Urban Decay another chance and purchased the make your own eyeshadow palette in the Nirvana packaging. I really love the design of the packaging, it is unlike anything else I own. However, Urban Decay let me down yet again with its manufacturing quality. It is a small thing but from a major brand I expect better. The Urban Decay label on the top of the palette is peeling off and I cannot get it to stick back on. The picture below should better explain it. If anyone can tell me a way to fix it please let me know in the comments because I have really tried.

Now the part of the post which explains why it is a love hate relationship because so far I have just explained my hatred. The other Urban Decay products that I own are two single eyeshadows in Laced and Space Cowboy, the Naked basics palette (which my best friend bought me for Christmas), the Naked Skin concealer in Fair Neutral and the Naked Skin one & done hybrid complexion perfector in light from their current summer collection.

The two Naked skin products are really recent purchases and only occurred after my faith in the brand was restored with the Naked basics palette. These other products were what I expected from the brand in the first place. High quality, pretty packaging and great customer service when purchasing. I hope to continue to have good experiences with the brand from now on but the previous incidents will result in me being cautious in future. Also, I will have reviews about the Naked Skin products up on here once I have had longer to use them.

What are your favourite products from Urban Decay? Do you have a brand that you have a love hate relationship with?



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