Empties 2016 tracker

You have probably realised by now that I am absolutely obsessed with skincare, make up and fragrance. Whilst that is beneficial to you guys who I do reviews for and those who view my Instagram account, it doesn’t benefit my purse. So this year I decided to become super dedicated to using up my products and purchasing less. This is easier said than done. I feel as though every time I enter a shop that sells make up I have to purchase something. You guys understand the struggle.

I also wanted to see how many products I was using up per year, what sort of products I used up the most and how much it all cost. So, in January this year, I create a list of all my empties. As shown in the picture below:


Explanation- Each time I finish a product I write down the date, full name of the product, whether it was a project pan item (as shown for first product on list (PPL) that was a project pan lips item), and how much it cost me. At the bottom of each page I will have a running total of the amount of items I have used up and how much it all cost.

I have found that this has given me a better insight into how effectively I have used my money and makes me think about future purchases more. If any of you are currently doing empties challenges or project pans then I strongly recommend that you try doing this to keep track.


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