December empties! (12)

  Hey everyone,
Since completing the 100 days of empties challenge, I have decided that I will now be posting monthly empties posts which will review each product. Also, this year I will continue to persist with my project pan and project pan lips edition.

Firstly, the NARS radiant creamy concealer in light 2 (vanilla). This is loved by so many bloggers and YouTubers, so naturally I had to go out and buy it. However, I had a really unpleasant experience when buying it. The employee was rude and she matched me to the wrong shade. Which led to this not being my favourite concealer. However, the formula and coverage was really nice so I can see why lots of people buy. Will I repurchase? Not from her or in that shade. I might try the lighter shade when I have used up some other products.

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in 001 transparent. I bought this after someone recommended it to me on Instagram. This is the best drugstore powder I have ever come across. I can always trust that it will set my makeup without making me look powdery and keep my makeup in place. Will I repurchase? Surprise, I already did.

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black sample. Lets skip right to will I repurchase. No. The brush is flimsy, it did nothing for my lashes and it went everywhere.

Elf eyelid primer in Pearl. It kept my eyeshadow on quite well. However, it is shimmery which makes trying to create a matte eyeshadow look quite difficult, especially a white one. The lid packaging cracked not long after I got it. Will I repurchase? No, I have a lot more that I prefer.

Garnier Micellar Water 125ml. Not going to go on about it since it is such a well known product. This removes all of my makeup, even the they’re real mascara. This size is really travel friendly as well. Will I repurchase? Yes. 

Nivea light moisturising day cream. This was nowhere near moisturising enough. I know it says light guys but even so. Will I repurchase? No and I can’t get the other one tailored to more dry skin because I am allergic.

Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi tone skin corrector. Long story short I see only a slight difference so although it is a nice serum, will I repurchase? No.

L’oreal Preference high shine conditioner. This comes with my hair dye and I love it. It keeps my colour in good condition and smells just like the salon. Will I repurchase? I already have three more boxes of hair dye.

No7 Quick thinking wipes. Leaves my skin feeling cleansed and removes all traces of my makeup. Will I repurchase? I bought three backup packs.

Carex aloe Vera hand gel and Boots cotton wool double faced round pads. Don’t like the aloe Vera scent. Otherwise, it is great when you travel on the train a lot like I do and it absorbs quickly. The pads are good because they don’t leave fluff on your face and nails like some brands do. Will I repurchase? Already have, just in the original scent.

Finally, Far Away Bella Purse spray. I have been wearing this non stop. It has Italian elementine, Chinese magnolia and Brazalian tonka bean in it. Will I repurchase? I have the full size bottle now.


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