How to project pan

Some of the most liked photos on my Instagram are those including my project pan items and empties. So today I will be teaching you my tips for a successful project pan.

Project panning is a way to use up selected makeup items and declutter your makeup collection. Giving you a more space to try new items and helping you realise which products you like the most. It also encourages you to use more of your makeup items up completely.

First Stage: Throw out or giveaway

Now this isn’t actually a stage of project panning but it will help you clear out unnecessary items in your makeup collection. Go through your makeup collection and pick out all the products that are completely the wrong shade for you, items you never use because you really dislike them and the products that are incredibly old and out of date. Then, either throw them away or give them to a friend or family member.

Second Stage: Choose your project pan items

Now these items will preferably be products that you won’t repurchase, items that are on the older side or products that you have more than one of. This way, when the items are used up, it will provide you with more space and leave you with products that you all love.

To help keep you motivated, write a list of these products and tick them off when they are used up or join Instagram and post your progress. I have been so surprised at how much project panners motivate and support each other.

Third Stage- Reward yourself

This stage is also optional. Decide on a reward such as a new lipstick or an eye shadow palette you have really been wanting, which you can go out and buy once you have used up your project pan items. This will more likely keep you on track and motivate you to use the items up due to their being a reward at the end.

For example, when I have finished my #100daysofempties and at least one more of my project pan items (I have completed 5/10 so far), then I will make my first ever Sephora online order.

Proof it works:

Below are the latest pictures of my project pan progress:

image (11) - Copy

image - Copy (8)




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