Mac Toledo Collection

my purchases

my purchases

This collection included 3 blush ombres, 6 lipsticks, 6 lipglasses, a makeup bag, a brush, 3 nail varnishes, 3 eye shadow palettes, 3 eyeliners and 3 mascaras.


Blush Ombres

Blush Ombres

Blush ombres

Blush ombres



This has great artistic packaging which really portrays the nature of this collection. The blush ombres have magnetic closing which I really like. It feels safer to have it on this product because after all you don’t want a limited edition blush to smash.


The blush ombres were £25 each and the Lipglass was £17. I didn’t feel to bad paying that price because M.A.Cs dazzleglasses are £17.50 and they are part of the permanent collection. Also, the mineralize blushes, which are permanent as well are only £4 cheaper at £21.


Lipglass in oxblood

Lipglass in oxblood

I purchased the Lipglass in the shade Oxblood. (This is still in stock). I really wanted the Oxblood lipstick to go with it but it sold out within minutes on the Debenhams site. This Lipglass applies smoothly and lasts for hours. I love this shade I can see myself using this up so quickly.

imageLeft: Azalea Blossom, Right: Ripe Peach

I believe that M.A.C did a collection last year that included blush ombres. So of course I knew they would be really popular. So I purchased Azalea Blossom and Ripe Peach. They both look gorgeous. However, I wasn’t originally very happy with them due to the film over the top of the product. Anyone who has purchased these will know what I am talking about. There is a layer over the top of both blushes that results in poor pigmentation. It originally gave me no colour pay off and I was very disappointed. Once the film is broken though the shades of these blushes are beautiful.

If you want to purchase any of the products in this post click on the links below:
Lipglass in Oxblood

Blush ombre in azalea blossom

Blush ombre in Ripe peach


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