Extra black or so couture? Comparison review


Extra black version

Extra black version

So couture version

So couture version

The L’oreal volume million lashes collection has many different versions. The two I own are the extra black version and the new so couture version.

I recently purchased the so couture version after seeing it advertised on TV profusely and there is only about a month of life left in my all time favourite mascara (the extra black).

Starting with the extra black it has a larger brush (as seen above) and applies on the lashes for a thicker look. However, as most of you ladies know, this means it is easier for the lashes to clump after the first layer of mascara.

The so couture has beautiful purple packaging that reflects the light. It separates the lashes and is more precise than the extra black. It adds more volume and is far better for your lower lashes due to the added precision. 

With both mascaras being jet black and extending your lashes. It really depends on which eyelash look you prefer as to which mascara is better for you. If you put mascara on your bottom lashes then the so couture is for you. However, if you prefer a thicker brush and really black mascara you will love the extra black version.

If you wish to buy these you can get the extra black here.

And the so couture here.

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Until the next time beauts x






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