May favourite hair products


Constantly straightening my hair everyday can damage it extensively. Whilst many products claim to repair and make your hair softer, very few actually achieve this.
Having a layered bob hair cut means that there are few options that can be achieved on a daily basis. Adding more volume to your upper layers by back combing is a common method. However, it usually flattens down after a few hours. Rendering all your hard work useless. The V05 plump it up dry back combing spray instantly gives your layers more volume, allowing for a style that lasts longer. Whilst achieving this it doesn’t give you the disadvantage of turning your hair greasy the next day. It also has an incredible fresh smell. Overall, this is the best backcombing spray I have tried so far.

Everyone gets a dry scalp sometimes due to stress or their diet. It can be embarrassing whilst you try and cover it up. The REDKEN scalp relief dandruff control shampoo is an effective way to reduce the amount of dandruff on your scalp. Although this is an effective treatment it can dry out the lengths of your hair and has a strong medicated smell. I suggest that you alternate this shampoo with a nourishing one so as your hair lengths do not dry out.

My final May favourite hair product is a nourishing shampoo which I highly recommend. The L’oreal EverRiche shampoo is recommended for dry and fine hair. This product also smells brilliant due to the botanical oils, carnelian and apricot seed. This is also effective in keeping the lengths of your hair soft when you are also using the REDKEN product.

If you wish to trail any of the products mentioned above then I shall leave the links below:
V05 backcombing spray: On Superdrug site
REDKEN shampoo: On site
L’oreal shampoo: On site

Till the next time teen beauts x


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