Pink Elegant Touch Matte Nails with Gloss Top Coat

Hey teen beauts,

All girls, whether they care about their nails or not, either paint them or put false nails on at some point or another. Maybe it’s a special occasion or a holiday, but for some reason you get the urge to make them look pretty for once.

Oh, but wait it’s expensive.

You don’t want to go to a nail bar and spend £20-£30 on nails that you may only wear for a day. The false nails in the shops are at least £10 or they are out of stock. It just doesn’t seem to be going your way.

Well don’t panic. I also had this situation today.

A while ago, me and my friend Lauren were shopping in Milton Keynes and fancied doing something with our nails. Then, due to our unbelievable organisation skills we realized we only had £8 each. Lauren decided to go to Superdrug and I went to the MK market just outside the central shopping centre.

We both came back with the same set of false nails but I had paid considerably less. Lauren paid £6.99. Which it is the same price as currently on Amazon. If you wish to purchase these through click here . Although, I had paid just £3 in the market.

These nails have a lovely matte finish and you can put a gloss top coat on (included in the pack) to add a shiner effect. They are also a short length which allows you to continue your life as before with no difficulties.

The picture below displays the length of the nails to you. Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t show that the colour of the nails is much brighter than displayed below.

Camera doesn't do them justice

Camera doesn’t do them justice

Thanks for reading beauts. Until the next time.


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